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Review of WordRake: Editing Tool for Lawyers

At the ABA tech show in March 2014, the Accellis Team stumbled upon a document-editing software called WordRake. Created by lawyer and New York Times bestselling author Gary Kinder, WordRake is a powerful add-on to Word designed specifically for lawyers. The system “rakes” your documents in search of superfluous words in order to create the most concise and clear version of legal prose possible.

Review of MetaJure Document Management System

More law firms are recognizing the gains to be had by investing in a document management system. Document management enables firms to electronically store, retrieve, manage, and deliver business documents. But not all document management systems are created equally. In this post, I’ll review one of the newer entrants to the marketplace, MetaJure, a product that takes a completely different approach to document management when compared to standard systems.

Cyber Security Threats to Small and Mid-Sized Firms: Why Now?

With all the discussion lately about law firm security and the expectations for increased diligence in protecting your data, it’s understandable that many firms are asking – why now? In this post, we'll review the growing importance of cyber security, why law firms are vulnerable to attacks, and the obligation firms have to their clients in the event of a security breach.

Using Worldox Web Mobile with Worldox GX3

Worldox Web mobile is an add-on that functions somewhere between the full Worldox on premise client and the fully mobile Worldox Cloud. Web Mobile can be added to your existing Worldox desktop installation with some additional customization and setup. Additionally, it can be configured for just those people that require or want more mobility, which can help keep costs down.

Beware of the Destructive CryptoLocker Virus

Accellis has become aware of a surge of emails containing a piece of ransomware called Cryptolocker. Cryptolocker is quite possibly the most fiendish and crippling threat that has ever been created to date. Once you have the infection, it will lay dormant in the background until it detects a period of inactivity, thus the user will have no warning signs, until it is TOO LATE.

Will “Lawmart” Steal Customers From Traditional Law Firms?

You may have heard the recent news about a Canadian Walmart now offering in-house legal services. Toronto lawyers Lena Koke and Mark Morris opened up Axess Law in a Toronto Walmart, offering “fast and affordable legal services to time-pressed shoppers.” While it can be easy to make snide remarks about how Walmart is contributing to the ‘degradation of law,’ perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Using Amicus Attorney with Dropbox

Learn how Dropbox integrates with Amicus Attorney and how to start using Dropbox in your everyday work flow. Whether you currently use Amicus Premium Edition, Amicus Cloud or are thinking of switching to Amicus practice management , this is a perfect opportunity to learn!

Win a Law Firm Technology Audit

We’re giving away a Technology Audits to three (3) law firms or law organizations throughout the U.S. during the month of May! As part of this audit, we will evaluate your servers, computers, firewall, printers, software, backups, anti-virus, security systems and more.

Ethical Considerations of Using Dropbox in Your Law Firm

As a lawyer, you have a professional obligation to your clients to keep their information confidential. As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, it's important to consider the ethical risks associated with storing and sharing your client's information with other service providers...specially those that my not be held to the same ethical and privacy standards. Find out whether or not your law firm should condone the use of Dropbox, download the whitepaper below.
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