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Law Firm Cyber Security Threat Matrix

Amid the seemly never ending reports regarding the latest cyber security breaches is a key question that never seems to get answered – what, exactly, are we at risk from, and what are we supposed to do about it? Download this comprehensive overview of the cyber security risks facing the legal industry today, and which threats are most likely to impact your firm.

Amicus Attorney Exchange Sync Troubleshooting Tips

While running the sync is a great option, a few complications may arise when trying to maintain it. Below I’ve listed a few situations that may cause an interruption to the Amicus Exchange sync functionality. The purpose of this article is to help firms stay in front of these issues in an effort to prevent downtime, as well as to help administrators troubleshoot issues if they occur.

Don’t Be A Victim of This Microsoft Phone Scam

Just the other day, my friend received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft technical support. They informed her that they found a problem on her computer and that they could fix it, but they would need to log in. She proceeded to let them into her computer, but she felt something wasn’t right.

5 Reasons Your Firm Should Work With a Certified Consultant

Throughout our years of supporting and installing software, we’ve been called in to many horrific situations where a firm was either completely dead in the water or faced thousands of dollars in damages due to oversights made during an installation or upgrade. Let’s discuss a few of the reasons why it’s often better work with a Certified Consultant.

NetDocuments Demonstration

Attend a free, 15 minute on-demand demonstration of NetDocuments Document Management system. NetDocuments enables law firms of all sizes to create, secure, manage, access, and collaborate on documents and email anywhere, anytime, on any device. Learn how NetDocuments will help you streamline your technology and improve the way you work.

Beware of Another Microsoft Office Zero-Day Flaw

On Tuesday, Microsoft warned Windows users that cyber criminals are exploiting a recently discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Office. Users are sent an attachment that will open a Power Point or Office document (.pptx, .pptm, .ppt, .docx, .xls). The document opened will run other programs in the background, allowing the hacker gain access to everything on the computer. Users with administrator rights pose the greatest risk if infected.

Amicus Attorney Keyboard Shortcuts

Underutilized tools within the program include the use of HotKeys or those keyboard shortcuts that help users move quickly throughout the program. Firms familiar with the program may recognize a few off this master list of key combinations to make your Amicus office even more efficient.

Review of WordRake: Editing Tool for Lawyers

At the ABA tech show in March 2014, the Accellis Team stumbled upon a document-editing software called WordRake. Created by lawyer and New York Times bestselling author Gary Kinder, WordRake is a powerful add-on to Word designed specifically for lawyers. The system “rakes” your documents in search of superfluous words in order to create the most concise and clear version of legal prose possible.

Review of MetaJure Document Management System

More law firms are recognizing the gains to be had by investing in a document management system. Document management enables firms to electronically store, retrieve, manage, and deliver business documents. But not all document management systems are created equally. In this post, I’ll review one of the newer entrants to the marketplace, MetaJure, a product that takes a completely different approach to document management when compared to standard systems.

Cyber Security Threats to Small and Mid-Sized Firms: Why Now?

With all the discussion lately about law firm security and the expectations for increased diligence in protecting your data, it’s understandable that many firms are asking – why now? In this post, we'll review the growing importance of cyber security, why law firms are vulnerable to attacks, and the obligation firms have to their clients in the event of a security breach.

Using Worldox Web Mobile with Worldox GX3

Worldox Web mobile is an add-on that functions somewhere between the full Worldox on premise client and the fully mobile Worldox Cloud. Web Mobile can be added to your existing Worldox desktop installation with some additional customization and setup. Additionally, it can be configured for just those people that require or want more mobility, which can help keep costs down.
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