Document Automation for Law Firms

Your firm probably has a host of documents that you use over and over again. Many lawyers and legal professionals spend hours deleting and retyping information such as names, dates, addresses, phone numbers, plurals, pronouns, and verb tenses. These copy-and-paste techniques are laborious and time-consuming – not to mention prone to error.
Learn how Document Automation (or Document Assembly) allows you to generate customized documents in minutes rather than hours. From the simplest of templates in Microsoft Word, to templates created in your Practice Management program or the sophisticated templates in HotDocs, see how streamlining this process will make your firm and employees, much more efficient.

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Accellis Technology Group
Accellis Technology Group
Accellis Technology Group helps law firms grow their business through managed services, legal application consulting, and systems integration services. Accellis’ unique approach often saves clients thousands every month, while improving support, network security and efficiency.

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