Worldox is powerful, yet remarkably easy-to-use. In addition to the standard DMS features (classify, store files), Worldox empowers your firm’s staff members with unique tools for collaboration and document sharing. You also get state-of-the-art security for vital firm data, including client or project-based “ethical walls”. Worldox integrates seamlessly with a wide range of software – with major office suites, e-mail, case management, billing and productivity applications – even most popular scanning solutions.

Our Capabilities

  • Establishing firm-wide document profile groups that can work most effectively for your specific business and/or area of practice
  • Creating a plan for migrating legacy files to a new Worldox installation, minimizing disruption to the firm and easing the transition to a full DMS environment
  • Building a security structure that keeps files and information locked down and only visible to those with proper access
  • Integrating Worldox with most any practice management, accounting or client portal to ensure simplified work flow and administration across the business
  • Full on-site and remote training to keep users comfortable in their use of the Worldox platform
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