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Accellis Managed Services allows you to focus on your core business functions by taking the worry out of maintaining your computer network. A regularly maintained network means fewer failures, yielding higher productivity and savings on support costs for you. Our programs are uniquely designed to deliver best-in-class information technology services specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of today’s fast moving organizations. We accomplish this by combining our technical skills & experience, tools, and methodologies with the high level of personalized, relationship-focused service that you deserve.

Technology is more than a one-time exercise – it’s an evolution in processes, training, information and systems that together can be the difference to your firm’s long-term success. Accellis is the partner that makes it happen.

Accellis Managed Services

Managed IT Services

Accellis Technology Group’s Managed IT Services program is a full service solution that provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your technology environment is being managed and protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How? Put simply, we collect and analyze performance data for nearly every key component of your network and watch it for signs of trouble. Whether it’s the server, desktops, switches, back-ups or Internet connections – we’ve got an eye on it. Stopped services, failed back-ups and email problems are all examples of items we will know about before our clients do – and we will be working to resolve these issues before most people even know about them.

  • Preventative Server & Network Maintenance
  • Performance & Availability Monitoring
  • Patch & Antivirus & Backup Management
  • Security & Firewall Monitoring Services
  • Desktop Management
  • Software & Hardware Inventory Control
  • Emergency Network Support
  • On-Site Network Engineering & Support
  • Help Desk & Remote Support
  • Level 1 Software Support
  • IT Budgeting and Planning
IT Help Desk

Accellis Help Desk is a full-service Managed Services solution that is specifically designed to meet the IT demands of law firms. We deliver full-scale IT management and help desk support to law firms, regardless of firm size or location.

  • Access to support via phone, online chat, and email
  • 99% of calls to our Help Desk are answered in less than 30 seconds
  • 95% of calls result in immediate support by the technician answering the phone
  • 98% satisfaction with service issues
  • 95% of clients are very likely to recommend Accellis to a friend or colleague

As your firm’s technology becomes more complex, access to IT personnel with specialized knowledge is essential to ensure work continuity and firm growth.

Legal Focused Support

In addition to standard Microsoft desktop support, our technicians are cross-trained on many of today’s leading legal applications including LexisNexis, Amicus Attorney, Worldox, HotDocs, and many more. We deliver truly customized support based on your firm’s environment and preferences. Most importantly, everything we do is focused on delivering firms with ‘knock-your-socks-off’ customer service.

Proactive IT Management

Real Help Desk services must go beyond basic trouble shooting and include proactive management of ALL of your firm’s IT solutions.  As a true IT partner, we’re able to monitor and protect your servers, PCs, laptops, routers, firewalls, modems, internet connectivity and….well, you get the idea.  We manage it all. If your goal is to prevent problems from happening in the first place – we’re the right partner to make it happen.

A Team You Can Trust

Trust requires an understanding of who we are and knowing we’re going to be there when you need us. To build that trust, every client is assigned a dedicated team of technicians with whom they can know and build a relationship with. Accellis is a great place to work, so turnover is very low, meaning your team of technicians will be there for the long haul.

No Boundaries

Accellis Help Desk is scalable to your firm’s size and location. Whether you’re down the street or across the country, you can expect prompt attention and resolution to your issues. As your people become more mobile, so should your IT support. We ensure coverage for extended hours, weekends and holidays.   In addition, we take a business management approach to every help desk call, meaning, issues that require collaboration with other vendors are managed as if it were our own issue. Nothing gets swept under the rug.

Managed Endpoint Security

What’s worse than a Virus? Wasting time and money planning for or recovering from one. Accellis Managed Endpoint Security provides fully integrated anti-virus, anti-malware, personal firewall, content-filtering, and host intrusion prevention – all deployed from a single, centralized console that ensures you’re protected 24/7/365.

  • Intrusion prevention & proactive detection and behavioral analysis
  • Centralized management through a single console
  • Deployment, monitoring and management is automated, ensuring 100% IT coverage
  • Even laptops outside of the network to can be fully protected
  • Detailed reporting to ensure that you know what is happening
  • All of the licensing, deployment and infrastructure is handled by Accellis
  • By leveraging Accellis, you’re getting a world-class solution at a fraction of the cost

Accellis provides the skilled IT resources, domain expertise, centralized monitoring and management facilities, and proactive approach ensuring the protection of your desktops and laptops against the ongoing threat of viruses, malware and malicious code attacks. Available at the same cost or less than your existing stand-alone anti-virus product, the Managed Endpoint Security solution is an unbeatable value.

Managed Spam

Last month, Accellis prevented almost 14,000 viruses and half a million spam messages from reaching our clients’ inbox. Every 4.4 seconds, we block another malicious email – freeing bandwidth, saving time and preventing thousands of dollars in damages for our customers.

Easy to use and affordable, Accellis Managed Spam Services prevents unwanted viruses, malware and junk mail from filling up your inbox. It’s like having your own personal spam-defense team that works around the clock to keep you protected.

  • External anti-spam and email filtering
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware  protection
  • Daily digest reports
  • Automatic definitions updates
  • Real-time security alerts

Accellis Managed Spam Services keeps your firm safe, secure and protected so you focus on running your business.

Managed Backup

What if you couldn’t gain access to your office for the next week…or month? Sounds simplistic, but this is a fundamental question law firms must address. A range of possible disasters, from computer viruses to natural or man-made disasters, can immobilize your firm, causing loss of revenue-generating clients to competitors who are prepared.

Accellis Managed Backup is specifically a disaster recovery solution. It works in concert with your on-premise backup scheme to add redundancy and continuity. All of your data is saved in the normal backup scheme and is then also redundantly stored in the cloud.

Unlike most providers, who cost more and only save your files, our Managed Backup program saves your files as well as databases, mail servers, and system state. This is an important distinction. If you only save your files, and then experience complete data loss, you will have to manually re-engineer your server’s system state and profiles. Also, each PC will have to be manually be reconfigured and connected to the server. All of this re-engineering, and potentially thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, could be prevented if the system state and databases with files were included in your backup solution.

Accellis Managed Backup is a data backup and disaster recovery program designed to offer 24/7 peace of mind that all firm data, including files, databases and server system state, are backed up and secure.

  • Files are backed up automatically and continually in the background
  • Saves your files as well as databases, mail servers, and system state
  • Files are encrypted at all times and stored on redundant disk arrays
  • If something happens, files are easy to recover or to roll back to previous versions

Accellis Managed Backup Services keeps your firm safe, secure and protected so you focus on running your business. Contact us today to start!

Mobile Device Management

As more data and sensitive information is transmitted and stored through laptops, phones and tablets, law firms and businesses are facing increasing performance, management, and security risks associated with employee and company owned mobile devices. With Mobile Device Management (MDM), we can manage, secure and monitor your firm’s mobile devices in real time.

Mobile Device Management will help your firm:

  • Reduce your exposure and risk of data loss
  • Provide greater control and visibility over company-owned devices
  • Enforce security requirements
  • Simplify configuration through preconfigured device profiles
  • Track warranties and usage statistics in a consolidated account
  • Mobile Device will give your firm the ability to:
  • Remotely lock or wipe lost devices
  • Track device location via GPS
  • Keep track of devices across your firm
  • View health and usage statistics
  • Enforce passcode requirements
  • Prevent unauthorized access to apps and websites

Mobile Device Management allows your firm to customize a plan to meet your unique mobility needs while uniformly securing all mobile assets. Rely on Accellis to keep your firm safe, secure and protected so you focus on running your business. Contact us today.

Our Happy Clients

“…thank you for the fantastic IT Support your firm has provided. All of your staff are extremely knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. My only regret is not hiring your firm years ago.”

Dennis Mille
Phillips & Mille

“…we’ve grown to appreciate Accellis not as a typical vendor or service provided, but truly a partner in our practice. I trust them completely with our most sacred asset other than our people: our technology. They are knowledgeable, dependable, and innovative. As someone who has a keen understanding of technology, I appreciate the level of skill and expertise that they contribute to our practice.”

Jeffrey E. Kaman, Esq.
Kaman & Cusimano, LLC

“Our situation was a little unique in that I was new to the firm at the same time as you took over our managed services so we were all kind of learning together. The Accellis staff, though, has been incredibly helpful. I really can’t say enough how terrific the team is.”

Greg Thompson
Weston Hurd LLP