In today’s competitive legal marketplace, access to vital information anytime, anywhere holds the key to a dynamic workforce, satisfied clients and healthy profits. To keep the information flowing, Accellis offers solutions that combine your database information with legal and business process applications – delivering results that streamline your operations and help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Accellis System Integration & Development Services

Application Integration

In order to stay competitive, your firm needs modern technologies to manage your business. Practice management, billing and accounting, and document management systems offer great benefits for law firms. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge, integration, and resources often impedes the flow of information across different systems. This results in additional time needed to perform basic administrative office tasks.

Accellis will streamline and automate your clients, cases, document or accounting information through application integration and customization. We’ll help reduce your day-to-day administrative tasks so you and your staff can focus on client-facing activities. You’ll experience higher productivity, better efficiency, and increased profits.

We have integration experience with many today’s leading legal applications including:

Data Conversion

Have you been thinking about changing practice management or billing & accounting system? Is fear of the conversion holding you back? You aren’t alone. You’ve built up a solid knowledge base and want to make sure your data stays safe and accurate.

The process of converting data from your existing system into a new program requires a detailed, well-thought out plan, as well as an experienced team that can anticipate barriers and make the transition as smooth as possible. Our data conversion experts will work with you during the entire process to ensure all your critical data is converted efficiently and accurately, with minimal impact on your firm.

Learn how Accellis helped one firm convert all of their historical case information, including contacts, cases and events, from their legacy system to a new Practice Management system.

Client Portals

Law firms looking to grow their company and compete against larger firms need to provide a better overall customer experience. Today’s consumer is increasingly tech savvy. They expect quick communication and information access.

A client portal will give your firm a leg up against the competition.

Providing them with a secure, custom branded, web portal where they can quickly access their case information, share documents, pay invoices, confirm appointments, or send secure communications, will set your firm apart from the others. You also benefit through gains in efficiency and convenience.

  • Share and transfer client documents efficiently
  • Create a consistent customer experience through custom branding
  • Manage who has access to specific files
  • Integrate with your practice management or billing and accounting system
  • Assemble and edit legal documents through online questionnaires / interviews
  • Provide electronic invoices and accept online payments securely

Whether you’re just looking for a simple way to improve communications or manage your cases over the web, we can create the solution to suite your needs. Start delivering the value and serviceability your clients deserve. Contact us today.

Custom Business Solutions

Your law firm is unique, so why should you settle for an out-of-the-box solution? If your firm’s software or processes are not meeting your needs, consider a custom solution.

By automating mundane, time consuming tasks, you’ll be able to spend your time on client facing activities that add real value to your firm. Accellis’ Application Development team will work with you to define your goals and create a solution that increases efficiency, accuracy and streamlines your law firm.

  • Azure
  • .NET Framework
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cloud / SaaS Development
  • Windows / Windows API
  • BSD
  • Oracle
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Windows
  • API
  • NIX
  • AJAX Toolkit
  • Perl
  • GTK#
  • C# UNIX
  • Silverlight

We also work with today’s leading legal applications including LexisNexis Time Matters, Amicus Attorney, Worldox, HotDocs, and many more. Whether you are looking to improve your current software or build an entirely custom application to meet your unique needs, Accellis can provide the expertise to meet your project demands.

  • Leverage your existing systems and technologies
  • Successful history of complex custom application development projects
  • A diverse team of experienced development, security, and certified software consultants
  • Deep, industry focus with solutions tailored specifically for law firms

Our Happy Clients

“…we have engaged Accellis in several custom development projects. One of the larger projects was the development of our online client portal. The application is an online portal that is linked directly to our Time Matters database that provides over 8000 of our clients with substantial information including case statuses, seminar information, handbooks, articles, rosters, forms, webinars, etc. This portal is intricate, informative, and secure. Our practice depends on our ability to rapidly communicate with our clients. I am thrilled with the work performed by the development team at Accellis to make this not just a possibility, but a resounding excess that has a direct and substantial impact on our firm’s growth, performance, and profitability.“

Jeffrey E. Kaman, Esq.
Kaman & Cusimano, LLC

“Accellis provides our IT support, software consulting and has performed custom development work for our firm. We have found they have an excellent grasp of what is important to law firms. One specific project comes to mind, where Dan converted a legacy Abacus export into our Amicus Attorney database. We discussed our firm’s overall goals, reviewed the legacy information and he prevented duplicate entries from appearing in the system. This process saved our support staff from essentially hundreds of hours of manual data entry and kept our system organized. For these reasons, I highly recommend Accellis for any application development projects in the future.”

Valerie Neidert
Lowe Eklund Wakefield Co., LPA

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