Worldox vs NetDocuments

Like a Tarantino film, I’ll start at the end and then jump to the beginning. If you’re considering purchasing a Document Management System (DMS), NetDocuments and Worldox are both amazing products. In order to select the right product, one has to understand how the firm operates. Since not all firms are created equal, the way to choose the best DMS is being aware of all the firm’s needs. Then select the product that meets those needs. Now back to the beginning…

Server-Based vs. Cloud-Based DMS

Worldox and NetDocuments have two very different platforms in which they operate. One is server-based and the other is cloud-based. A server-based DMS (such as Worldox) electronically stores documents in a physical database which is attached to a server on the network. This is usually located inside the firm’s building. This allows all users to access their documents through the server, often through a company network or portal.  In contrast, a cloud-based DMS (such as NetDocuments) stores all files in an off-site location. In this case, there is a physical building somewhere else, that electronically stores the firm’s files. This allows users to access documents from anywhere through the internet. Worldox does offer a cloud option, but the purpose of this is comparison is to compare Worldox Premise based DMS with NetDocuments cloud based DMS, not Worldox Cloud with NetDocuments.

Worldox vs. NetDocuments

Now let’s take a look at how NetDocuments and Worldox stack up against each other.

  • Interface
  • Recent Documents
  • Searching
  • Integration
  • Conversion
  • Document Saving
  • Operating System Compatibility
  • Product Updates
  • Profiling
  • Security
  • Support
  • Document Preview
  • Print to Adobe & Save Email
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Project Capabilities
  • Workflow Tools
  • Client Portal
  • Document Stamping
  • Price
  • Mobility
  • Annual Cost for a 5-Person Firm for 5 Years
  • Watch an On-Demand Demonstration
  • NetDocuments

  • The NetDocuments interface looks very professional and is easy to navigate. The buttons and options are clearly labeled. The interface allows users to customize their workspace, alter how documents are viewed, and adjust screen parameters; which allows for more or less of a particular part of that screen to be viewed. NetDocuments allows you to change the layout of documents list. They have sortable and adjustable columns in list view, and a cleaner Outlook integration interface that is similar to Outlook. NetDocuments home screen
  • A “Recent Docs” link makes it easy for users to view the last forty documents they created, opened, or edited.
  • Offers full text searching and search profiles. You can search by keyword, creation date, e-mail address, document type, and additional filters. You can also search through folders. (Learn more here.) (click to enlarge)
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook EMS folders and profiler, Time Matters, Clio, Workshare, DocSolid (for scanning/barcode), WordPerfect, and OBDC database driven practice management systems.
  • Either the vendor or an outside consultant will perform the conversion. A folder import utility and mass import tool is used to tag and move documents into the system. Depending on the size of the firm and number of documents, this could take days or months.
  • Compatible with MS Office, and Adobe Acrobat. Can save any documents and make those documents searchable with comments and profiling. Users can also save audio, picture and video files.
  • Compatible with Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. It also works on both Windows and MAC. Best with Internet Explorer for Active-X compatibilities.
  • All updates are performed automatically.
  • Offers users a few ways to organize their folders in the cloud. In this case, specific to “Profiling,” NetDocuments offers tagging. Other options include drag and drop and you can force users to save everything in NetDocuments or provide them with options to save locally. All of these options are customizable. You also have the ability to drag and drop a document and NetDocuments will automatically profile it for you.
  • Access to files, folders, or cabinets can be controlled. Meets compliance requirements related to HIPAA, SEC, FINRA and other industry-specific standards.
  • Offers online support though website including videos and forms. They offer the ability to submit a request online and check on the statues of that request. Although they offer phone support, they prefer that you go to They can be reached M-F 8am-5pm your time zone.
  • NetDocuments offers a “View in Browser option.” This allows you to view the document without opening it and view highlight search results in text.
  • Users can override an existing document or save it as a different version. Users can also e-mail documents as a link or an attachment. Shows document summary that provides many different options to change or view details about that document. Documents need to be converted to PDF first then e-mailed.
  • The beauty of NetDocuments is that it only requires web access and a browser. (Learn more here.)
  • NetDocuments has “workspaces” which allow the user to look at all of the documents on a particular matter. These can be shared and viewed with co-workers. All users can make changes to these workspaces and the changes will affect how everyone else views this workspace. Workspaces have customizable names, descriptions, logos and layouts. Users can have multiple folders or workspaces available at one time on the home page.
  • NetDocuments does not have anything labeled as a workflow tool. They do allow users to share workspaces which allows for real-time collaboration and assign or approval features.
  • NetDocuments has a few options. You can send a secure link to users to view documents. Share space allows you to share a handful of documents with people outside of the organization. The third option allows you to create a folder in a work space for external users.
  • NetDocuments offers Personal Digital Certificate, which provides legal protection. Documents also get a signature which is basically a date/time stamp and locks document text.
  • Basic: $20/user/Mo (10GB base storage plus 1GB per user). Professional: $30/user/Mo (10GB base storage plus 1GB per user). Professional+: $38/user/Mo (10GB base storage plus 2GB per user). If needed additional storage is $3/GB/month. (Learn more here.)
  • Full access to all documents from any web browser or free NetDocuments App for your smartphone and tablets. Digital signatures make finalizing documents easier from anywhere.
  • Basic: $6,000 (10gb Database plus 1GB per user so 15GB)Professional: $9,000(10gb Database plus 1Gb per user so 15GB)Professional+: $11,400(10gb Database plus 2Gb per user so 20GB).
  • Worldox

  • The Worldox interface does not look quite as clean as NetDocuments, however, nearly everything is adjustable to maximize screen real-estate. Sort options can be adjusted or moved around added or deleted. (click to enlarge)
  • Worldox allows users to view recent documents that have been opened, edited, or created. Also, users can have favorite matters and projects.
  • Offers full text searching and search profiles. Search by keyword, file type, profiles, recent documents, and date. Also offers direct access and multiple search tables. (Learn more here.)
  • Integrates directly with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and scanning hardware / software (e.g. Adobe, Fujitsu ScanSnap). Also integrates with Amicus Attorney and Time Matters.
  • Allows all documents to be migrated to the system individually or in batches (as long as each batch is saved under the same profile group). Again, this is typically done by the vendor or an outside consultant.
  • Allows users to save MS Office files, Adobe Acrobat and Corel Office files (in 32bit versions). Worldox allows you to save anything into it, including audio, picture, video, and even executable (exe) files. Then using comments sections you can make that document searchable.
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, and Mac IOS. According the the Worldox website, “The Mac version is not a standalone product; it requires a Worldox back-end including file server and indexer.”
  • Updates must be installed manually.
  • Allows customization of predetermined fields to profile the documents making them easy to find. They can also be profiled by group as well (accounting vs. attorney). Since Worldox integrates with Outlook, you can save e-mails within the structure as well. Worldox provides “quick profiling” where it remembers how you profiled recent e-mails, and through this feature you can set up Outlook folders so they can be dragged and dropped into that folder right from Outlook.
  • Allows varied levels of access based on document, user, or group. Supports Active Directory securing model. Additional security can be applied to e-mail documents by applying a password to access those documents outside the company.
  • Offers online support options through their website including videos, forms and a knowledge base. They can be reached by phone or e-mail and they maintain regular support times (9am to 7pm EST M-F). They also allow you to check on the status of your ticket.
  • Offers a document preview tool that allows you to view the document without opening it. Users can also copy text or fields, search for text or words, and tools to scroll though hits that were returned by text search in preview mode.
  • Users can override an existing document or save up to 256 different versions of the same document. User can also save a document as a new file or change the profile if needed. E-mail (send copy for external use, send link for internal, or send file zipped so the user needs a password to view documents). Allows you to turn a Word document into a PDF and e-mail in one step.
  • Worldox can run on a shared network PC or a server, however, it requires a non-workstation PC for the indexer, as well as periodic updates to keep it running smoothly. (more info)
  • Worldox has a “favorite matters” option which allows users to track matters rather than just the documents within them. Workspaces are setup by each user so they can personalize matters they are working on, folders and these can be shared with other co-workers. Worldox can run on a shared network PC or a server, however, it requires a non-workstation PC for the indexer. (more info)
  • Workflow feature allows users to generate a process that assigns other users certain actions for that document or set of documents. Deadlines can be included within this feature. Example: editing before sending.
  • While Worldox does not have these options you can share and encrypt documents via e-mail.
  • Worldox stamps every document with a Worldox ID, which is customizable.
  • GX3: $425.00 / user. Maintenance: $84/user/yr. This does not include mobility tools, discussed below. (Learn more here.)
  • Offers 4 add-ons that give you access to your documents from any Internet connected device: Hosted (SAAS) Worldox/Web Mobile: $25/user/Mo. Traditional Worldox/Web Mobile: $995/server; $49/user + Maintenance costs.GX3 has Enterprise which is great for multiple offices and remote environments. Worldox also offers a cloud option, giving you the ability to choose cloud or servers based within one product.
  • GX3: $4225. Price does not include Web Mobile (mentioned above), required hardware (mentioned above), or the cost to apply maintenance and updates on said hardware.


Additional Considerations

Don’t get overwhelmed. NetDocuments and Worldox are both powerful tools to manage your documents and they may save your firm a substantial amount of time and money.

So where should one begin when selecting a program? Start with a few basic questions:

  1. Is mobility a key feature or can we better leverage a local DMS?
  2. What features will most benefit OUR firm (i.e. client portal or quick profiles)?
  3. Can we commit to the training and education we’ll need to ensure success?
  4. Do I need (not want) any specific integrations?

Remember that with a basic edition you may not get all of the features you need. It is important to know your needs. This is where a consultant or a third party that can provide valuable recommendations to ensure that you’re selecting the right DMS.

Finally, on a personal note, I always look at technical support as a critical decision. When something goes awry – how will I be helped or treated? In the long run, just make sure you have considered the firm’s needs to make sure the effort goes as smoothly as possible.

John H. Roth II
John H. Roth II
As a Software Consultant, John heads the Document Management division of Accellis Technology Group. He has designed and implemented document solutions that meet individual client needs and best practices nationwide. John helps improve efficiencies for law firms by providing installation, customization and technical support for Worldox and NetDocuments. He also supports ActionStep and Time Matters® , as well as Clio and Symphony Suite. John enjoys designing document solutions, and conducting on site product training. When he is not working on document management he enjoys collaborating and assisting other divisions at Accellis to continue expanding his knowledge. John obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University.
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  • Simon

    Good post, John, thank you. I’m looking for a scaleable solution in the cloud, with a particular (hard to find) feature! I want all documents to be named automatically with a pre-determined naming convention (ie clientnumber_date_versionnumber). Look forward to your thoughts

    • John Roth

      Simon, great question. However, I feel that a naming convention limits the ability to search for the document when you have a DMS in place. The profile tags, Client, Matter, and document type for example, provide similar structure as a naming convention. Since this information is covered by the profile tags, this leaves the name of the document to be more descriptive adding more searchable information for your document. Additionally documents can be “stamped” with client IDs, doc IDS, and version numbers. This allows a printed copy to be quickly reference within the DMS.

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