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Here are 10 Time Matters tips and shortcuts that can help you save time and simplify your life:

  1. To turn off the Alert’s, Reminders and Watches form upon login, go to File > Setup > General > User Level and uncheck the “Show Alerts and Reminders screen after login” box.
  2. At the login screen, you can save your current login information by selecting the Options button and checking “Save This Login”.
  3. With a List open, you can use the hot keys CTRL+T to tag all records. CTRL+U untags them.
  4. The main data entry forms in Time Matters are resizable. Click and hold a corner or edge of the form, and drag the cursor to resize it.
  5. Quick Tabs provide you the ability to create and view filtered lists or saved searches, allowing you to see critical information at a glance saving you a lot of time. For a complete lesson on creating Quick Tabs download this free guide (pdf).
  6. To modify the buttons on the Main toolbar, right-click on it and click Customize.
  7. Archive records when they are no longer needed. Open a list, tag all unused records, and on the Main Menu go to Process > Archive Records. This is helpful if you want to hide (but not delete) inactive clients and matters.
  8. Here’s my personal favorite – Almost any list can easily be sent to Excel, making it simple to print records, manipulate columns, etc. When you are on a Quick Tab, hit CTRL + T to tag all of the records in the list. Click the Send to Excel button on the list toolbar. Excel will automatically open filling in the spreadsheet with the selected information.
  9. Time Matters has its own Recycle Bin just for deleted records. If a record is not on a list, or you need to retrieve a record that was deleted, go to File > Recycle Bin. Records can be retrieved from here.
  10. Time Matters gives you the ability to secure or hide a particular field, or allow only certain people to edit or view the field. This is a good tool to secure social security numbers or other sensitive data. This should only be performed by a trained professional.

Have any more tips you’d like to share?

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