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Okay, so I may be late to the party. Worldox GX4 is out and a few people have been blogging about it. But what makes it worth upgrading? Sometimes there just isn’t enough stuff to make the move worth it. Well, this is not one of those times. Worldox GX4 is loaded with new features and I wanted to share my top three.

1) Follow Me Favorites

This easily makes the top of my list. Why? Well if you recall, in previous versions of Worldox, you were required to make a quick profile for direct access, saving, saving email etc. Then as you worked and made profiles, your favorite matters list would grow. The problem is your favorites would only work for looking up documents and not saving. Well no more! Now you can just “work” in Worldox and it will remember what you did. Saving a document creates a “favorite” that will show up in all the other places. The next time you save or access a document you will have that favorite to auto complete fields for you. This requires no special setup.


The keen observer will notice other new features in this picture as well. 🙂

2) New User Interface

Worldox has provided additional options to update the layout of the program. There is now an optional “tile view” that displays documents in a grid pattern. All of the tables now slide out from the bottom or side. The view pane works like the view in Outlook instead of showing up in a separate window. There are many other small interface changes that may be shocking to some users. However these changes are so superior and clean when compared to GX3 that they quickly quell the initial shock of a different interface.

Okay so maybe lumping all of the interface changes into one “favorite thing” about Worldox is not fair. But when you consider how they improve the program, your access to it, and interact with each other you will agree. Taken on their own, removed from the whole that is the interface, they are still powerful but less exciting to blog about.


3) Single search bar

Remember the login search and filter bars that spanned the top of your document list in GX3? No, that is because nobody I worked with used them. While they were powerful tools, their location caused them to blend in and seem like a “frame” to a window. Now the search bar will appear in the more familiar upper right corner of the screen. Drop-down menus have been incorporated to a filter like effect. So if you want to search by doc ID, text, Description, or more you can just select from the drop down.


These are just my top three favorites. You can find a full list of new features here.

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