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3 Steps to Supercharge Efficiency

The point of technology is to increase efficiency and effectiveness – to do more with less. Too often, however, organizations lose sight of that end-goal and spend too much time worrying about the upkeep and maintenance of their information technology infrastructure.

It’s easy to understand why. So much of our communication with clients, customers, partners, and vendors occurs via email. Consider also how much easier it is to research solutions to our technology problems with the help of the Internet. Imagine how difficult simple business processes would be without your computer and network. But with every great new feature comes added complexity. Consequently, it’s easy to see how the focus can easily shift from technology as an asset to technology as yet another business expense.

How do you keep your organization on track? Keep these three things in mind:

Identify frustrations and problems in workflow

Remember, the primary objective of technology is to make your job easier. Think of areas in your business where there are repetitive steps or systems that should talk to each other but don’t. Think of situations where you’ve said, “There’s got to be an easier way.” Those are the places where technology will help the most. Instead of writing a contract or agreement from scratch every time, think about using document assembly or digital dictation. Instead of hunting for information, adopt a system where relevant information comes to you. Remember, your clients and customers come to you for your expertise, not for your busy work.

Adopt a Managed Services program

The goal of Managed Services is to turn your infrastructure into a utility. Servers, networks, and software should just work. And in the event that they don’t, recovery should be as simple as flipping a switch. Managed Services rely on consistent monitoring, predicative failure analysis, patching and remote access to keep the network and devices running as they should.

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Create a Business Technology Plan

Develop a Business Technology Plan that serves as a road map and helps guide your organization’s decisions concerning technology. Remember, your Managed Services provider is a valuable resource with experience in multiple industries and organizations. They often can bring new ideas and concepts to the table. Create a Technology Committee and meet with your Managed Services provider on a regular basis.

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