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NetDocuments makes regular updates to their product since it’s a software as a service. Here are a few new features that we’d like to highlight:

New Adobe Integration!

For Adobe versions XI and DC (both Acrobat and Reader) you will now have an ndOffice like experience. No more redirects to the browser. Checking in and checking out are now automated as part of this process.

No more Email Management Software (EMS) profiler.

The new ndOffice 1.8+ update, being released in November 11th 2016, will allow you send and file emails in one move. This will be possible without the EMS profiler. You can now send & file versus the previous send only. You can now also edit attachment names from ndOffice. Also, files can be converted to PDF within the system when you attach it.

Search within a filter or saved search.

Simply click on the filter or saved search, then click on the simple or advanced search option. Searching within a folder is working, however, NetDocuments needs to upgrade all their folders for this to work. This process is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. If you want to upgrade folder so you can search within that folder today click here to learn more. To upgrade a folder it needs to be a folder in a workspace.

Workspace refresh.

Users who have the proper rights, can now refresh a workspace. Unlike before, where all custom data like folders or saved searches were removed, in a refresh all this date will be retained.

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