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As a software consultant, I love when systems integrate with each other. Improving the flow of information in any business helps reduce data entry, improve customer service, and increase sales. So when I come across systems that solve different problems but also work together, I must admit I geek out a little bit.

NetDocuments is a robust cloud-based document management system, allowing firms to control, manage and collaborate on documents – from any location. Clio is the leading cloud-based practice management system for solo to midsized law firms. Their open API allows third-party developers to integrate with their platform, which is something that, historically, law firm practice management developers did not provide.

Here are just a few reasons to consider integrating Clio with NetDocuments:

1. Matter-Centric Access

By linking the tables you can view all of your documents and case information from the Clio interface. Assuming you imported your client matter tables, they will now be shared between the programs. So if Joe Doe is client 1031 in Clio then he is 1031 in NetDocuments. (This may vary slightly depending on your individual settings.)

2. Streamlined Functionality

Clio is excellent for managing calendaring, billing, and contact information, and NetDocuments gives you total control over document and emails. By integrating the two programs, you get the best of both worlds. Take advantage of NetDocuments integration with Outlook and other Office products to quickly and easily save your work to the correct client file. Improve office and client communication by eliminating the need to email documents back and forth. NetDocuments gives you versioning, document links, shared folders, previews, and threaded discussions to allow you to track document history and work on documents together.

3. Simple Setup

Setting up the link is pretty darn easy. How easy? Well it can be done in about 7 clicks. If this seems like too many, consider about 4 of those clicks are used to get to the right menu. The rest are just selecting the cabinet, how it’s going to be viewed, and saving the changes. Clio also provides a link to an article with instructions for this process in their knowledge base.

4. Mobility

Since both of these programs are cloud-based, they can be accessed from anywhere. You will maintain the benefits from Clio’ contact, billing and time management abilities while improving the document save and search processes. Even your email can be easily saved to NetDocuments and accessed from Clio. Email management has traditionally been difficult for Clio. But with the NetDocuments link, this is no more.

It’s been nearly two years since Clio announced their integration with NetDocuments. Since then, I’ve witnessed many improvements in both systems. Both are becoming more robust and customizable with every update. For firms looking for robust practice management and document management, consider pairing Clio with NetDocuments.

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