5 Ways Amicus Attorney Helps You Stay in Touch While You’re Out 5

For attorneys, it can be difficult to balance both client-based activities and a personal life. This is especially difficult in the summer months when schedules become non-stop and the long days become filled with court appearances, depositions, client meetings, golf outing, graduations and vacations. The ability to stay connected to your firm while on the go is sometimes essential. Let’s take a look at how Amicus Attorney Premium Edition can keep the flow of communication going – even if your office is literally a day at the beach.

1.) Setup A Daily Agenda

Setup the daily agenda to be e-mailed each day at 6 a.m. with your entire day laid out for you including who you’re meeting with and their contact information.

5 Ways Amicus Attorney Helps You

2.) Use Phone Messages

Support staff can e-mail you a time stamped phone message reflecting the traditional characteristics of the ‘you missed a call’ phone slip which includes the case information, if they’ll call again, and whether the call is urgent.

Amicus Attorney Helps You

3.) Google/Outlook Sync

Inform your office in real-time if you make changes to your calendar. As you add events into your phone or tablet they are syncing up with Amicus Attorney so staff will see new appointments making it impossible to double up.

Amicus 2012 Google Contacts and Calendar Link

4.) Allow Others to Enter Your Time

Firms are often required to have pre-bills reviewed or bills sent out on a specific deadline which can leave an attorney in limbo if they do not have their time entered. The ability for Amicus users to enter time for others means an attorney can bill for an appointment or a call regardless of where they are or the day of the month. Simply change the timekeeper on an entry to the billing attorney and the events will be added to their billing entries.

5 Ways Amicus Attorney Helps You Stay in Touch

5.) Track Firm Member Availability

Take the guesswork out of who is coming into the office today by changing your status when you plan to be out of the office communicating firm-wide when you plan to return, who to contact in the event that you are needed immediately or choose to have it auto populated from your calendar.

5 Ways Amicus Attorney Helps

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