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Using technology shouldn’t be intimidating. In fact, we would hope it’s just the opposite for our readers; we want you to have confidence, ease, and minimal frustration. Age shouldn’t hinder you from becoming tech-savvy!

Anyone can master technology, and it’s our goal is to help you learn.

Tactics of the Tech-Savvy

  1. They try new things: It’s not all about phones. Sure the iPhone or the Google phone of your choice can be cool, but tech-savvy individuals want more. Wearables, Chromebooks, wireless everything, Internet-connected home appliances, endless streaming options: there are plenty of new and interesting (and not all expensive) tools and toys that help us understand what’s available now – and what might be coming next.
  2. They ask vague, stupid questions: the Luddites among us simply shrug, roll their eyes and say something like “kids these days.” Savvy individuals ask the dumbest questions until they “get it.” “How does that work?”, “How does it talk to the other computer?”, and “what happens if it stops?” may make you feel foolish but understanding things at the most basic level goes a long way to being tech savvy.  They don’t stop asking until they get it!
  3. They actually listen to the IT guy…or their kids: the Best source for learning – the people you trust. Have them SHOW you what they’re using, doing, playing. It’s a cheat sheet to the latest and greatest technology around us.
  4. They don’t delegate (all) technology related tasks: Just try it yourself sometimes. It’ll open a door of understanding. Hands-on learning always wins.
  5. They ask what ELSE this can do: Technology tools, even business technology, is rarely used to its fullest potential. Microsoft Word is likely the LEAST utilized tool at your disposal, and you use it every day! Same for Outlook.  The tech-savvy among us look for the tips, tricks, and education that make their technology go further. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish.
  6. They accept the pace of change around them: Don’t fight it – the pace can be dizzying. While people may not always embrace it (who does?), the more tech-savvy individuals recognize that “new” is just the norm now.  It’s like a perpetual sunrise. Crazy? Yes, but just enjoy it!
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