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With Gavel & Gown’s recent release of Amicus Cloud, our team has been spending time converting clients from desktop versions and training those brand new to the Amicus Attorney format. My role as a consultant is often to explain to users how their office workflow and productivity can dramatically improve on a new product. Shortly after its official release, Accellis Technology Group provided a very detailed review of Amicus Cloud which can be found here. Now that I’ve had further hands-on experience with the product, let’s take a closer look at some of my favorite features.

  • Amicus Cloud - Client Profitability Report

    Client Profitability Report
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    Reports – For starters, the reporting options are truly designed for every facet of law firm practice management. Often at larger firms, an entire team of financial experts is assigned the task of determining how their staff is fairing in timekeeping and revenue accruement. Amicus Cloud is now giving you those reigns so you can examine not only where your time is being spent, but also tallies for you important factors like client profitability, time entries based on a date range or up to the minute client balances including trust and general retainer accounts. Regardless of firm size or accounting experience Amicus Cloud users will be able to review with clients their file’s entire history – anywhere, any time. You’ll have access to conflict checks, electronic client invoices, and add expense entries as they’re accumulated – thus removing the high demand on shared support staff. Amicus Cloud’s reporting tools will fulfill and expand the needs of attorneys, and the guess-work out of accounting and file management.


  • Amicus Cloud - RemindersReminders – When transitioning to a new practice management system, attorneys often explain to me the need for a seamless changeover. I then need to put my trust into a program like Amicus Cloud that encourages easy adaptability and one that meets the legal office’s needs.  Amicus Attorney understands the way attorneys operate and have included on each and every screen a Reminders window alerting users of each and every imperative task from today’s appointments or phone calls to return. Reminders are then refreshed each time a user switches panes or modules making them live and in real-time. If someone adds a firm meeting to your calendar or a new email comes in, you’ll be immediately notified.


  • Time Entry Assistant Module

    Time Entry Assistant Module
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    Time Entry Assistant – The Time Entry Assistant also helps remove all of the guesswork from your daily operations. Upon opening the tool, a list will populate explaining which tasks or activities you have not yet billed. You can then vary the date range, check individual files or do the same for collections accounts. If you’re like most people who will momentarily stop what they’re doing to open and then quickly respond to emails or take a work related call even though you’re at home, you need a program that will guarantee these are turned into time entries. The Time Entry and Collections Assistants prevent you from scrambling at the end of the week to get pre-bills completed or from the firm losing out on billable tasks.


  • 24/7 Access – With Amicus Cloud, you truly have full access to your entire office through just an internet browser. Whether you have a brand new shiny tablet or a smartphone, you’ll be able to access Amicus Cloud instantly (without downloading any applications). Imagine a program that you can access from a smart phone or tablet, and in less than two minutes, bill a client for your time during a deposition, add the court report’s cost as an expense entry, email the client a copy of their refreshed invoice including today’s activities and check their retainer balance. With Amicus Cloud, you’ll be able to do that and truly tailor the way you communicate with clients around your workday.

Gavel & Gown, the creators and distributors of Amicus Attorney, have almost 20 years of practice management software development experience. Unlike many other cloud applications, you’ll find Amicus Cloud is designed to improve the way your office practices law by creating efficiencies and improving workflow performance.

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