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For Kindle owners who prefer reading articles directly on your Kindle instead of a web browser, there’s a free Google Chrome app you can download to make this operation easy, fast and seamless.

This feature might be helpful if:

  • You prefer reading on the Kindle versus the desktop, laptop or mobile phone
  • A story catches your eye but you don’t have time to read it right now
  • You’re compiling research prior to actually reading the materials
  • You like a story and want to capture it as a document for later use without having to copy, paste, save, and send it to yourself
  • Someone else sends you articles (i.e., friend, research assistant, etc.)

Here’s how:

Start by opening up the Chrome browser and visiting the Chrome Web Store:

Kindle App 1

Next, search for “Kindle”. The app you want is “Send to Kindle”. As you can see below, I’ve already downloaded it. Since you haven’t, you’ll click “Add to Chrome”:

Kindle App 2

Once added to your Chrome browser, it’ll provide you with an email address that you need to add to your approved-sender list under “Managed Your Kindle” / “Personal Document Settings” on the Amazon website. This allows the service to send documents to your Kindle. Below, at the bottom, you’ll see the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” – just add the address they tell you to add.

Kindle App 3

You’re ready to begin.

Find a good article. Once found, simply click the orange “K” icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome web browser:

Kindle App 4

It automatically sends the entire article to your Kindle in the proper Kindle format. Power on the Kindle and it’ll automatically download and add to the Carousel as seen here:

Kindle App 5

Open up the file and, regarding pictures, text, size and spacing – it’s perfect. Very enjoyable reading experience:

Kindle App 6

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