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Announced at Legal Tech New York 2012, and releasing to the general public soon, Worldox GX3 is set to turn the document management software community up-side down.

Worldox is a document management system designed by World Software Corporation for legal and other professional service firms. It is highly regarded and known as a top tier solution for any firm in need of a document management solution.  Now in its third product release, it’s about to change the way we work both in and outside of the office.

For those previous users of Worldox, things may look a little different across the product line.  Worldox will now be offered in three formats:

  • Worldox GX3 Professional
  • Worldox GX3 Enterprise
  • Worldox GX3 Cloud

Worldox GX3 Professional will look familiar to users of GX2. It is the updated version to GX2, and for firms on support plans, it will be the provided upgrade to their environment. GX3 Professional has listened to end-users and has made adjustments to their application, increasing speed of searching and usage. For example, the added group called My Workspace gives you the ability to visually bookmark personal folders and client folders in an easy to navigate tree structure. The best part is that overall functionality remains the same, so there’s very little that users will need to re-learn.

The most exciting news is for firms with multiple offices or employees who are always on the go; the perfect solution is about to become available mid-year 2012 with the Enterprise and Cloud versions. These versions will give end-users the ability to access company files from anywhere – home, office or out & about. Hearing just this, you might be inclined to think that this solution already exists, and it does, but the problem is that you have to download a document, then edit it, and then re-upload that document. This wastes time and bandwidth. The current alternative to this is VPN or Terminal Services, which requires you to log in to your work desktop and work in a sometimes clunky, slow, and lagging environment.

Enterprise and Cloud change this by allowing you to work with Worldox in the exact same capacity as you would if you were running the native application locally while at work. Basically, it will stream the application to whatever device that requests it. From there, you’ll work inside your documents using Microsoft Office. To our knowledge, there are no extra license fees or hidden costs – simply purchase GX3 Cloud or Enterprise and no matter where you are you have local access to all your files. No remote desktop and no downloading of documents required.

For smaller firms looking for a complete cloud solution, Worldox GX3 Cloud will host all documents in a datacenter – requiring no need for internal document storage.  For firms skeptical about slowness associated with complete cloud solutions, or for firms that require strict security of documents (the need to keep them onsite), Worldox GX3 Enterprise provides the perfect solution.  GX3 Enterprise will be the flagship product within the software suite offering the same cloud services, but allowing you to host the cloud internally. This eliminates the “who owns my documents?” and “what happens if the server is down?” arguments.

It’s tough to put the excitement of these new products into words, but Worldox GX3 is a game changer in the document management market.

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