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ABA TECHSHOWAccellis was at the ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago this week working with our vendors to find new ways to meet the emerging needs of lawyers around the country. We found that some vendors seem to been working hard to meet the rapidly changing demands of the legal market. Here are some of the things that were showcased at the ABA TECHSHOW. Some aren’t new (but rather they’ve been improved) and some are hot off the press. Take a look:

Document Management

Most are beginning to understand the impact documents have on a firm. From paper and ink costs, to clutter around the office, to just not being able to get to your information fast enough – the 21st century demands a way to reduce waste while improving accessibility. Take a look at some answers the vendors came up with:

  • Worldox turns a 60 second document search turned into 10 seconds by eliminating the guess-work of where it’s located. Take that 50 second time savings, multiply by number of searches, attorneys and business days and we’re talking thousands of dollars in captured revenue. Sure it’s been around a while but they’ve been refining this product and adding offerings that make it a real gem.
  • Time Matters & Amicus Attorney both have had and continue to develop their quasi-document management systems, which are integrated right into their practice management software. By standardizing a folder structure on a shared drive, you can access client and case documents all from within the system, saving you time, effort and money.

Document Automation

We’re beginning to see more and more firms asking about ways to improve document creation. At the show this year I had probably 20 different people asking me about document automation. Take a look at HotDocs for instance:

  • HotDocs has been around for a long time – probably two decades – and is largely seen as the gold-standard in document assembly. It’s a simple concept: create the template once, eliminate a number of variables, pull the information from your practice management system and generate a document. With just a few clicks of the mouse 20 minutes is turned into 2 minutes, saving an inordinate amount of time and money.
  • Practice management systems are looking at document automation as key to their value proposition. In Houdini, create and store email templates to streamline basic mailings. While it’s not HotDocs, it’s a decent start. Use data merges in Time Matters and Amicus to automatically populate Word templates (.doct).

Mobility (go figure)

Obviously, we’re all demanding more when it comes to mobility. We want our data safer, delivered faster and for less money. Vendors are really focusing on delivering key mobility solutions to meet the needs of lawyers everywhere. Take a look at LexisNexis:

  • LexisNexis has unveiled their all new mobility suite for AMP customers. It’s real time, client and matter information in your palm. Bill for time and update cases – all in real-time – at the speed of now.
  • HoudiniESQ has a solution to the cloud conundrum: host your own cloud and access all your contact, calendar and case data anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Worldox created an iPad app that allows you to take your documents on the go.
  • HotDocs has a web server edition that allows you to, as does Houdini, host your own cloud. Now, whether you’re in the office, at court or in Honolulu, hop on a web browser and publish complex legal filings before the game comes back on.

These are three platforms that I saw encouraging movement in. I feel as though the vendor’s are listening. What do you think?

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