• Accellis has taken all of the normal IT tasks, server maintenance, support, etc…, and made it all worry free. After I met a few of the techs and started dealing with them, I ceased to have any concerns about our IT environment, because I know that they're there watching over it all for me. Accellis provides a level of peace of mind and comfort to my IT department that is unmatched elsewhere. They often alert me of problems before I even realize they exist. They will walk with me hand in hand through an issue, or jump right in and talk tech if I’d like. They're extremely reliable, very friendly, and always a pleasure to deal with.

    Daniel J. Kruzer
    Daniel J. Kruzer La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
  • I need to take this moment to thank you, Derek, and [Matt] for going way above and beyond today to get John’s new computer (that replaced the one that crashed last week) up and running in the midst of the server problems we were having today.  Even though you were busy with meetings today, you made yourselves available to us 100% at our convenience, working around our IT people and reboots. Please know how much we absolutely appreciate your help today, and the help you gave us last week to get a temporary connect to Amicus on John’s laptop.

    Tracey L. Antognazzi
    Tracey L. Antognazzi John J. Ready & Associates
  • I am writing to recommend the services of Dan Mayor and Accellis Technology Group as a whole. Accellis provides our IT support, software consulting and has performed custom development work for our firm. We have found they have an excellent grasp of what is important to law firms. One specific project comes to mind, where Dan converted a legacy Abacus export into our Amicus Attorney database. We discussed our firm's overall goals, reviewed the legacy information and he prevented duplicate entries from appearing in the system. This process saved our support staff from essentially hundreds of hours of manual data entry and kept our system organized. For these reasons, I highly recommend Accellis for any application development projects in the future.

    Valerie Neidert
    Valerie Neidert Lowe Eklund Wakefield Co., LPA
  • On behalf of our firm, I want to extend our thanks and appreciation to Accellis’ tremendous efforts yesterday in responding to the virus/worm that infected our network and workstations.  I was out of the office when the virus hit but from what David, Jeff, Brian and others have reported, Accellis identified the nature and the scope of the issue even before we knew there was a widespread problem of any type.  Accellis responded immediately and in force to root out the problem and restore our systems to working order in just a few hours – if not for those efforts, even we could see that the virus had the potential to shut us down for a much, much longer period of time. As Jeff said, we’ve wondered what might happen in an IT crisis, whether because of a virus, cyberattack, disaster in the server room, or other issue.  Yesterday afternoon, we faced just such a scenario and Accellis more than proved it was up to the task.

    Jay Cusimano
    Jay Cusimano Kaman & Cusimano, LLC
  • During the past 29 years in this business, I can honestly say that I have more confidence in Accellis than anyone else I have worked with. Our last IT person had us using pieces-parts computers. Now, we are all using state-of-the-art Dell computers. Since we began working together, your consultants have proven that they are more than capable of handling any issue that comes our way.

    Kathy Peters
    Kathy Peters Mishkind Law Firm
  • I am continually pleased and impressed by the immediacy of the response I get from Accellis and the technical quality of the assistance provided. Thank you.

    James Lowe
    James Lowe Lowe Eklund Wakefield Co., LPA
  • I am writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding work on the Security & Risk Assessment. Your expertise and attention to detail were tremendously valuable. You joined us at a very critical time as we were getting ready to be audited as part of a risk assessment ordered by one of our major suppliers. You were able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make quality recommendations to improve our network and security processes. The quality of your work was recognized and appreciated by other team members. Not only did you thoroughly review our systems and processes, but you were also able to assist with reviewing and improving our IT and IS policies. As a result of your work and recommendations, we passed our recent audit with flying colors. Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your contributions. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again.

    Anastasia Sagerman
    Anastasia Sagerman TriCor Employment Screening, Ltd.
  • We have been very impressed with your company. Your technicians are very knowledgeable and professional. Service has been excellent and our ability to receive immediate assistance is wonderful. When we call the help line, you “jump” right on it. We are a small company, yet you treat us like we are your most important customer.

    Frank Groh-Wargo
    Frank Groh-Wargo Groh-Wargo Co., LPA
  • Information technology is, and likely always will be, an absolutely critical element of our business.  We recognized early on that we simply do not have the knowledge, experience, or ability to manage literally any aspect of our information technology needs.  Accellis manages all of our information technology needs on a turnkey basis which frees up the business owners to do what we’re actually good at.

    John Ellis
    John Ellis Gabriel Partners, LLC
  • In 2010, the growth of MSI dictated the need for servers and software. Through a mutual IT friend, MSI was referred to Accellis Technology Group. Accellis was instrumental in getting MSI to the next level and our relationship has been strong since. Computers and connectivity are our lifeline. They are vital to our processes. Though our business is international, our hours of operations are 8-5. We love what we do so it's not uncommon to work around the clock communicating to take care of our clients and work with our global partners. Accellis has helped us do that. My favorite thing about working with Accellis is the quality of customer service. We have worked with many on the staff and have had the pleasure to meet many face to face. They are positive, knowledgeable, accountable. They understand our needs and have a lot of patience.

    Michelle Panik
    Michelle Panik Marine Services International, Inc.
  • We’ve grown to appreciate Accellis not as a typical vendor or service provided, but truly a partner in our practice. I trust them completely with our most sacred asset other than our people: our technology. They are knowledgeable, dependable, and innovative. As someone who has a keen understanding of technology, I appreciate the level of skill and expertise that they contribute to our practice. Bottom line for me is that our success can be directly linked to the work Accellis has done.  Our legal professionals, both staff and attorneys, can focus their entire day on the practice of law, as many of the things that Accellis has recommended to us or designed for us all makes our work easier, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. As with every technology product, we have had our challenges, but they are always resolved. When I’ve needed them in the middle of the night, they’ve been there. I’m thankful each day that they are on my team, and they’ve never let me down.

    Jeffrey Kaman
    Jeffrey Kaman Kaman & Cusimano, LLC
  • It is a real pleasure to work with Accellis and their highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff. They find and provide cost effective technical solutions to our business needs. Their quick response to address any technical problems that may arise shows their dedication and commitment to help us keep our business operations working smoothly. I highly recommend their technical services.

    Victor Reyes
    Victor Reyes Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer & Ulrich Co., LPA
  • Within the past month one of our computers was hit with a very dangerous virus and thanks to the Accellis team they were able to quickly shut our system down and immediately isolate the computer from accessing the server.  If they had not done that quickly every file on our server would have been corrupted by the virus.  This would have been disastrous to my practice. The same day this happened, Accellis had a representative on site and spent the entire day re-building the computer that was hit with the virus. Having an Amicus rep. along with network support is key. Colleen is always helpful and can answer anything I bring to her. The service Accellis has given my practice over the last 15 years has been excellent and I would recommend them highly to our another company.

    Victoria E. Schafer
    Victoria E. Schafer Victoria Schafer, Attorney at Law
  • Accellis is fabulous to work with! Everyone at Accellis is very professional, knowledgeable, polite, helpful and above all, they are always available to answer any questions or fix any issues at any time, day or night. Our firm has truly benefited from all of the improvements that they have made to our computer network over the years. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Accellis to any company who is looking for impeccable, invaluable service.

    Leslie Detmayer
    Leslie Detmayer Felty and Lembright Co., LPA
  • Wanted to thank you again for scrambling Jason and Dave to the office yesterday to help with the staff move... The move happened before I had expected it to. I’d planned to discuss a plan/strategy with you guys on Monday and then take care of the move with the on-site engineer on Tuesday. Obviously that’s not how it played out. It would have been understandable if you’d been unable to provide on-site assistance on the fly. After all, you had no notice. In fact, I was really calling just to see who might best walk me through some of the issues over the phone. But you rounded up a couple guys and they came and hammered it out without complaint, even staying late to make sure we’d have few issues for the following morning. They were terrific. ... You and the team have been fantastic over the years.

    Greg Thompson Weston Hurd LLP
  • Just want to thank you so much for your help on Monday.  We got up and running without a hitch.  You guys always go the extra mile for us and it is very much appreciated.

    Deborah A. Chack
    Deborah A. Chack Victoria E. Schafer
  • We've had a great experience with Accelliss and have peace of mind knowing that Accellis is there to help us with highly trained and experienced IT staff, whenever we need assistance. Derek has been absolutely fantatstic with solving our problems and delaing with my staff.

    Dennis Mille Phillips & Mille Co., L.P.A.
  • I would definitely recommend Accellis for a number of reasons, but there are two that stand out.  The first is that you can always get through to speak to technician at the Help Desk.  There is never a time when we have had to leave a message on a voice message system.  Second, and just as important, is that next to our employees, our network is the life line of our business.  Working with Accellis provides us with the support and technology that we require to operate day-to-day without worrying about down time...Accellis has exceeded our expectations in the time we have worked with them.

    Mari Landino
    Mari Landino Felty and Lembright Co., L.P.A.
  • Everyone at Accellis is at the top of their game. Always professional, always solve issues quickly. I have absolutely no complaints. Entire staff are very nice and very easy to work with.

    Elizabeth Kane
    Elizabeth Kane Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, LLC
  • We have been working with your company for about four years now. In this time, we have all witnessed great improvements in productivity and business growth. A great deal of this credit is due to your team and their personalized approach to resolving and supporting our office. They've made it so easy to understand the changes in technology and have done an excellent job of simplifying our workday.

    Gretchen L. Oleski
    Gretchen L. Oleski Meyers, Roman Friedberg and Lewis
  • I know that I have previously expressed my extremely high level of satisfaction with the service provided by Accellis but I need to share a situation that bears special mention. As you may know, our Firm underwent a software upgrade with a third-party vendor yesterday. Unfortunately, the third-party vendor does not possess the level of expertise or client-centric philosophy of Accellis. The project, as performed by the third-party vendor, was a complete debacle. The only saving grace was that we had Derek Schroeder and Bret Surdock onsite for the day. These two gentlemen went so above and beyond that my gratitude to your company reached new heights. They assisted in repeatedly making changes to 71 workstations at the suggestion of the third-party vendor to fix the problems the third-party vendor caused. More importantly, they did so without complaint and it was very clear their only interest was in ensuring our user base could work. While my anxiety and frustration level with the situation was very high, neither Derek nor Bret exhibited a second of aggravation and, in fact, did a great deal to calm me. I am not sure if you have any type of employee recognition program in place but if you do, I would like to give my highest recommendation to these two gentlemen for consideration. Joe, I am very grateful to be a customer of Accellis and cannot thank you enough for all your team does for our Firm on a daily basis.

    Audra DiLuciano
    Audra DiLuciano Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook & Batista Co.
  • Things have been working much better here since we were able to complete the software and hardware upgrade earlier this year. Our project was a tremendous success, and that is, in no small part, due to the assistance that we received from Accellis. There is a minor issue with the way that Prolaw transfers submatters to eDOCS, which will be corrected with the next Prolaw release (Prolaw 2017). It is good to know that we now have an off-the-shelf compatible configuration. When the new version is available, we will be able to upgrade our software without having to be concerned about special translations or customizations. That adds value to the upgrade we performed, which is likely to have an impact on this office for years to come. The fact that we were able to accomplish this at minimal cost, and to do so with confidence, supported remotely through the planning phases and on-site at the time of conversion by Accellis, is a continuing source of satisfaction to me professionally. The taxpayers of the City of Milwaukee will never be aware of the savings and operational improvements that were achieved on their behalf, and that is exactly how it should be. Feel free to use me as a reference, and our office as an example of how an update/conversion process can (and should) work with support from Accellis.

    Bob Jorin
    Bob Jorin Senior IT Support Specialist at the City of Milwaukee
  • Accellis has played a significant role in our firm’s ability to remain on top of current technology as well as providing us with the knowledge and the foundation to move forward in the ever-evolving world of technology. Technician response time is excellent and, realizing the sense of urgency regularly displayed by law firms, the techs remain calm and are levelheaded.  The network technicians know their stuff.

    Gloria Merritt
    Gloria Merritt Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, LLC
  • I want to extend our appreciation to your employees, especially Larry Horvat, for all the improvements they've made to our computer network. They've done a wonderful job of keeping us updated on what we should expect and how much progress has been made. We knew that by using your services that we would be improving the way we do business, but we did not know that the transition would be so effortless. We've been able to do more than ever because of the practical solutions your staff has successfully implemented.

    Sue Barnes
    Sue Barnes Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer and Ulrich
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