Jeff Thwing

Client Account Manager

Jeff joins the team bringing over 20 years of account management experience to Accellis. Customer service is a passion of his, along with technology. He has been working with computers since the ’80s and is familiar with both Windows and Mac devices.

Attending Cuyahoga Community College and the University of Cincinnati, Jeff has acquired a wide range of skills in service, sales, management, insurance, marketing, and technology. He is considered a “Jack (or Jeff)-of-All-Trades.”

Recently relocating back to the area from Dallas, Texas, Jeff and his family are glad to be back in their native Ohio.

Daily Cups Of Coffee

Stopped counting the number and went for an IV drip. Isn’t coffee one of the food groups?

Mobile Tool

iPhone XS

Favorite TV Shows

The Kaminsky Method and Stranger Things on Netflix and This is Us on NBC

Favorite Quote

"You never change something by fighting the exiting reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"

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