John H. Roth II

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, John leads many of the projects at Accellis Technology Group. During his six years at Accellis, he has successfully designed and implemented document solutions, managed 365 migrations, infrastructure upgrades, and client onboarding projects.

John’s area of expertise is to help law firms improve efficiency by leading successful projects to upgrade and improve IT Infrastructure. He is also versed in the installation and technical support for Worldox and NetDocuments.

When he is not working on document management, John likes to collaborate and assist other divisions at Accellis to continue expanding his knowledge and experience.

John has been a key contributor to the creation and development of project plans. He has written many blog posts, most notably A Comparison of NetDocuments and Worldox. He has been a guest speaker about technology in the legal industry at various legal associations.

John obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University and completed graduate work in Accounting. He has obtained numerous certifications ranging from CPR in his free time, to specific software programs such as Worldox that are focused in the legal IT realm. John’s drive for knowledge comes from his belief — if you stop learning you stop living.

Daily cups of Coffee


Mobile Tool

LG V10

Favorite TV Show

Big Bang Theory

Favorite Quote

“There are two kinds of people, those who say they can’t and those who say they can. Both are correct.”

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