Troubleshooting Tips

Amicus Anywhere supplements your Premium 2013 desktop product by providing functionality, ease of use and mobility that your firm needs to work on the go. We’ve recently discussed some of the best ways for using Amicus Attorney to communicate while you’re out of the office and have given you an overview of the more recent features of Amicus Anywhere. Below are some troubleshooting tips to keep you from scratching your head in case you ever come across any issues while installing or accessing Amicus Anywhere.

Unable to activate Amicus Anywhere

Amicus Anywhere is available to firms who have both upgraded to Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2013 and have an active Annual Maintenance Plan. This is an important distinction, as some firms have upgraded expecting the Premium Edition to include Amicus Anywhere access.

If you want to use Amicus Anywhere, be sure to verify that you have both the new version (Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2013) and an AMP or if you’re interested in reinstating or extending your AMP, contact our office. Once you have verified that you have Amicus Anywhere, follow the next installation instructions.

Amicus Anywhere Installation Tips

  1. Verify that the Amicus user has been given Amicus Anywhere permission in the user management menu by the administrator. You’ll also want all users to have their current email address in the user management details. I would suggest you update the Amicus user’s passwords as well if it has been some time or you’re using a firm-wide password system.
  2. Open the automated email sent from Amicus Anywhere, which will provide a link to  activate your account and take you to:
  3. Confirm that you have the user’s email address and the (Amicus) password correct.

Logging in to Amicus Anywhere from a mobile device

Once logged in, this site may take you to Amicus TimeTracker and not the main Amicus Anywhere log-in screen. This quirk is a known-issue on mobile devices and tablet. I’ve been instructed to have users log in again, once taken to the timesheet window click ‘Showing’ and on that menu select Amicus Anywhere.

Unable to connect to your Amicus server

Users may find an error produced both within the desktop or on their mobile device stating they cannot reach the server. Your IT company should verify your server is running the Amicus services properly and that internet access from the server is accessible.

Using Amicus Anywhere on an Android device

Make sure not to use the standard browser window, as it will often gray out the log-in screen. Instead, be sure to utilize the Google browser or download the app onto your device first.

Using Amicus Anywhere on a desktop or laptop

  1. Verify your computer’s display is set to 100%
  2. Resolution, set for the recommendation for your monitor, but typically anything but 1280 x 768 is best
  3. Check your browser type-Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari all need to be set to 100% in their zoom settings.

There are a few other known issues with Amicus Anywhere that are planned to be addressed in Amicus Attorney Premium 2013 Service Pack 1, check for the official release date.

Amicus Attorney has shaped the way Practice Management Systems operate are used throughout the legal industry. They have demonstrated a strong desktop product over the last twenty years and more recently, have shaped the way firms can work on-the go-with Amicus Anywhere and Amicus Cloud. While issues like this often occur with newer products and features, they should be straightened out soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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