Amicus Attorney Exchange Sync

Amicus Attorney Premium Edition offers a bi-directional synchronization with Microsoft Outlook for calendar events, contacts and tasks. This means that changes made in either program will be replicated to the other. The sync runs automatically from the Amicus to the Exchange server, which helps reduce the demand on your workstation.

While running the sync is a great option, a few complications may arise when trying to maintain it. Below I’ve listed a few situations that may cause an interruption to the Amicus Exchange sync functionality. The purpose of this article is to help firms stay in front of these issues in an effort to prevent downtime, as well as to help administrators troubleshoot issues if they occur.

  • An Exchange username has changed – Whenever the username in Exchange is changed, you must update it in Amicus as well. Each user has a test connection button in the contacts & calendar sync options. If your connection ever fails that means your sync will not work.
  • An Exchange password has changed – Anytime your Exchange password is updated, Amicus must also be updated. Failure to do so mean the connection will not be successful and your sync will break. Some firms change their password frequently due to compliancy rules, therefore the sync details must be updated each time.
  • Email address or domain has changed – If your firm’s domain changes, each sync’d user will need to be updated in Amicus. If one user changes their email address this must be updated in that user’s Amicus office.
  • Activating new users – When activating a user, confirm the timeframe. In fact, if you schedule it for earlier today you can kick off the processing of records immediately. Say it’s 1:00 p.m. and you set it for 10 a.m. that morning, the service will see it is past that timeframe and will start up the sync for that user.
  • User account is pending – If a user is left in pending status and has not been activated by the administrator, the sync will not work.
  • A firm member has been removed – This is one that can cause bugs as the exchange service continues to search for an Exchange account that no longer exists or an Amicus calendar that has been taken down. Make sure before their license has been removed or they are marked as former firm member you log in and disable the synchronization of contacts and calendars.

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