The 2012 version of Amicus Attorney Premium Edition boasts bold new features that really add a lot of value to the software. Let’s take a look:


Amicus really turned up the heat with fully integrated document management. In 2012, under your Office, Dalies, Favorites, Files, Calendar, etc., tabs, there is now a Documents tab. Here you can find and search for all firm documents, including full text search. It’s the centralized access of all your documents, which is critical to true document management. Without a single console to search for documents through you’d have to rely on knowing which case the document was attached to, and that’s no fun. Within Documents, you can open and view documents, create new ones, check them in or out, create time entries, print, add to favorites and delete. There is also a link to Worldox that replaces this all by launching Worldox for firms with document management already in place.

Google Contacts & Calendar Link



Amicus now supports bi-directional server-side synchronization between Amicus contacts & calendars and Google contacts and calendars. This means you can now send directly to your phone (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc.), in real-time, without needing to open your Amicus at the desktop level, sync with Outlook, and then sync Outlook with your phone. Once the Google sync is established, it will update at the server level and neither you, nor your secretary, will need to physically open up Amicus on your workstation for you to get the most recent additions to your calendars and contacts.

Contact Referrals

There is now, within the details of every contact, a box that lists all the files that person has referred to the firm, including up-to-date totals of all total fees billed to those associated cases which have been referred. Additionally, there is a new utility that checks referrals in each file and reports any missing or duplicate matches.

File Custom Pages and Records

You can now, with just a few clicks, merge data directly to Word or Excel from within the file while generating a document. Simply select the type of record you want to make and it automatically pulls in the data into the existing template and spits out a document. Here’s what’s special about this (because most of these systems offer Merges of some sort): you don’t need to create all those templates – Amicus has done all the hard work for you. Simply select what you want, select output type, and go. The templates are already created. Once the document is generated in Word, you can edit your information. That’s going to save you a lot of money in consulting.

File name Hyperlinks in Event Lists

Simple enough – the file associated with your calendar event can now, within Amicus, be directly clicked from the Calendar and it will send you right to that case. Again, another way to save a few clicks and save time.

Send a Phone Message by Email

When creating a new message in Amicus instead of just being able to “send” you can now also “send & email”, which launches Outlook and loads all information into the email, including who it’s being sent to. Just click send and you’ve sent an email to the world outside your Amicus database! Also, another cool feature they’ve added for phones is that you can now reply to phone messages in Amicus, which will pre-load your new phone call record with all pertinent information from the last message.

Daily Agenda Email

Amicus will, if you choose to set it up, send you an email each morning with your day’s agenda. Pretty cool way to start the day.

Report Viewer

Since Premium Edition is SQL based, you have great reporting options. Amicus made this a lot easier this year and a lot more robust. Basic and advanced reports can be selected by file type, individual files, multiple files, and records within those files, meaning you can very easily run a report on just about anything. We won’t know how easy it is, or how much you can report on until we get our hands on it but it looks very promising.

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