Amicus Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

After numerous installations of Amicus Attorney Cloud Edition, below are some questions I often get from those interested in using the program.

What devices can I operate Amicus Cloud from?

Amicus Cloud is not device or provider specific. Users can be Mac fanatics or PC die-hard users and will not have to stop using their preferred technology. Desktops, laptops, devices and smartphones can all operate Amicus Cloud with internet access. You’ll want to consider the browser type installed as well. Amicus Cloud will work with the following browsers/versions:

  • Internet Explorer 9 (or higher)
  • Safari 5 (or higher)
  • Firefox 9 (or higher)
  • Google Chrome 15 (or higher)

If you attempt to use an unapproved browser type, a pop-up will appear letting you know the version is outdated and you should upgrade. The upgrade should be available through your internet provider for free and will work most new devices.

What if I don’t have an Exchange email account?

Gavel & Gown will bundle the monthly license for an Amicus Cloud account with a Microsoft Exchange account for each user. This will free firms from owning and operating an in-house Exchange server and gives firms the freedom to move an existing domain name they may have purchased in the past for an extra charge. You’re not just given email access, but full integration of email, calendaring and contacts with Microsoft level security.

What if we have an Exchange email account we want to keep?

If your office chooses to transition your existing Exchange accounts to a Cloud account, you’ll want to work with your IT provider to have exchange details ready such as the mail server name, your account information, etc. One key detail is to check is that your Exchange server is 2007 with service pack 1 or higher.

What is the down-time? What if I need help?

Amicus Cloud offers 99.9% uptime meaning unlike some of the Practice Management Cloud based systems, you won’t be left hanging when they apply updates or their service provider is preventing users from logging in. You’re also going to receive unlimited technical support (included in your license) and the ability to live chat with an Amicus support technician without having to pick up the phone.

Is there an additional charge for billing? 

Unlike the Premium products, where a billing component is considered a secondary license for Amicus Premium Billing or a secondary product to like with, Amicus Cloud will offer a full integration of time and billing for all users at no additional cost.

Users can add time or expenses on the go and apply payments or email invoices directly to a client. You’re increasing communication with your client, increasing the turn-around time for bills getting out and removing the dependability on an internal financial team. Management also can utilize the included reports from anywhere to monitor no charge time, activity statuses on files or delegate tasks to their support team.

What’s in store for the product’s future?

Amicus’ development team has been actively producing new updates to the product since October of next year combining key features from their desktop versions of Amicus Premium, Amicus Small Firm and Amicus Billing. They have taken advantage of the web-based format by including global searches of your firm’s database that’s as easy as a Google search. Your firm can benefit from the licensing process by paying monthly for only the users you need so as your firm structure grows, you can continue to add new users.

Where do I begin?

You can take a test drive to see if the program is right for you by watching an online demonstration here or by signing up a free trial here.

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