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Back To Basics Part 1

Accellis Technology Group recently hosted Back to Basics Part 1, a webinar with Accellis Project Manager, John Roth II .  John wanted to help end-users understand the common features and functions of their workstation, internet terms, shortcuts, and other computer-related operations. Topics include:

  • How to reset your password.
  • Understanding the difference between a restart and a shutdown.
  • What is your taskbar and how to pin software to it?
  • Know your computer name and how to find it.
  • Be able to identify your operating system.
  • Know what a web browser is and identify several different types.
  • How to connect your email to your cell phone.

Listed below is a topic timeline.

0:004:27 – Intro to topics we will cover

4:287:34 – Identifying your web browser

7:359:20 – How to find your computer name and information in your Windows machine

9:2111:57 – Computer restart vs. shutdown. What is the difference?

11:5820:34 – Taskbar settings. Taskbar tips and shortcuts. How to move your icons on your taskbar

20:3529:30 – Identify different web browsers. Tips, tricks, pro’s, and con’s using different web browsers (Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox, etc.)

29:3133:24 – How to reset your password on your Windows machine.

33:2535:06 – Q&A on password reset

35:0738:31 – Connecting your email to your mobile device-

38:3245:22 – Q&A/Wrap up

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