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Barracuda Essentials

For several decades, Barracuda Networks has been a leader in IT security and infrastructure. Until recently, their products have usually entailed purchasing a hardware appliance and configuring/maintaining it. However, the new Barracuda Essentials needs no hardware to run, making it the first cloud-hosted subscription services. Barracuda Essentials is a very interesting use case because it’s actually four separate services in one bundle.

Essentials for Email Security

The first service is the most universal, email security spam filtering. The Antispam service provides world-class email filtering and quarantine. It also includes numerous features such as content filtering, white and blacklists, and cloud-level AntiVirus scanning.  Sender, content, file attachment type are options for sorting emails. The filter also includes quarantine and blocking features. This can make or break dangerous malware from entering your four walls and potentially cause damage when opened by the recipient!

The Antispam system also includes outbound email filtering, to ensure any compromised systems trying to send email from your system do not harm your Internet identity and reputation. But now for the deal-maker, the email security spam filtering system automatically includes an email encryption feature. The feature is configured and triggered using tags in the subject or body, such as [encrypt] or “secure”, and the system will automatically encrypt the email and send it to the recipient (even with your company logo and customized text and body). The recipient receives the encrypted notification and securely retrieves the message from the Barracuda Cloud system.

The final killer feature of email security spam filtering is the Advanced Threat Protection scanner. With the built-in cloud AntiVirus scanning, the ATP scanner will scan attachments of emailing prior to delivery and place them in a “sandbox” environment. The scanner tries any dangerous Word macros or hyperlinks to see what malware it might trigger. This system can stop dangerous Crypto malware in its tracks before it ever reaches the intended victim.

Advanced Threat Protection

The second service, Advanced Threat Protection uncovers, prioritizes, investigates, and remediates attacks across multiple platforms. The number one benefit of ATP is the ability to meet three goals: early detection, protection, and response. Barracuda Essentials uses real-time visibility, context, and data awareness to protect from attacks.

Real-time awareness allows for threats to be detected before it’s too late. Context provides security teams the ability to prioritize and organize threat response since some threats are more dangerous than others. Data awareness gives software the capability to understand all aspects of a protentional threat. ATP software can factor in things such as data, sensitivity, and cost to help develop the most accurate response possible.

Cloud Archiving Service

The third service is equally vital for email health, the Email Archiver. The Archiver acts as a journaling system for your entire email system. Upon setup, it imports all mail both on the server and from any archived PST files from the local workstations and servers. The goal is to get every email of the company into the Archiver until the installation time. From that moment forward, the Archiver journals all emails incoming or outgoing for the company from the server level (meaning the end user does not have the option of avoiding the system).

Once imported, the Archiver does a thorough index of the email text and data. Users can now perform extensive and characteristic-rich searches to locate specific emails. Searches can be for a specific case, to/from specific email addresses, or specific attachments. With different permissions, users can only emails they’ve been included on, while administrators can search the entire database. This can make a litigation discovery request a matter of a quick search to produce results.

Cloud Backup Service

The final service is the most underrated of the bunch, the cloud-to-cloud backup service for Office 365. By default, Office 365 backups allow retention for only up to 30 days. While this is very useful for the “Deleted Items” that you know of, it could spell disaster for 31-day-old deleted email. The archiver feature retains a backup of specific emails. Thus, if a user accidentally deletes their entire mailbox, the archiver cannot restore the specific emails needed. The cloud-to-cloud backup feature is essential for regular maintenance of your Office 365 installation. It allows firms to get back online quickly if an accidental deletion occurs or there’s a forgotten email.

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