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Clio Cloud Conference

Spoiler alert, Clio has been rebuilt from the ground up. This was the big news at the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference. But there were other exciting event and announcements too.

Clio Redesign

Here’s the big news: Clio has been redesigned. Clio has a rebuilt interface and back-end.

The most obvious change is the new interface, which is beautiful and functional. The white space has practically been eliminated to create more information density. This is expertly accomplished to get the user the relevant information quickly and easily without feeling busy or overloaded.

The next big improvement is better list views. Personally, I feel this resembles the many lists and library you will find in SharePoint. But this is not bad, these lists are customizable and sortable so users can organize the data so it is relevant to them. Perhaps the column organization, when paired with filtering, could produce ad hoc reports. Only there are no graphs and metrics to accompany it.  The columns still need small tweaks, like the ability to add custom fields in the columns or to save views. But I’m sure Clio will deliver this soon.

My favorite was the improvements in speed due to the back-end changes. Clio is now so fast, it seems aggressive. Specifically, when loading a list, or sorting a column, the information appears so fast it feels like a punch in the face. However, this is not true for all lists because some have not yet been updated.

Overall many changes included a slight automation that makes bulk billing, or creating new time entries easier. Clio claims 220 changes and more are on the way. My advice to readers is to submit feedback to Clio often. Good and bad. They do more than just listen. Clio looks deeper to understand the need and then addresses the need. This separates good software from bad software.

Other Sessions

There were many exciting sessions during the conference as well. Many sessions focused on the redesign while others provided small and solo firms with information for bettering their practice. There were sessions for consultants to help them better deploy and train on Clio. Sessions for developers to review the new API and to show integrations like ZipWhip (which lets you send and receive text messages via landline. This also integrates into Clio so information can be part of your case notes.)

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