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Worldox: Creating and Bookmarking a Project

Projects are one of the three tools used in Worldox to relate files. Being able to create and bookmark a project in Worldox can help you search, save time, and keep things organized.  Below is a step by step tutorial on how to create and bookmark a project in Worldox.

1. At the Bottom of the Worldox Window, Click on the “Project” Tab.

Worldox Project Tab

2. Drag and drop documents into this Project window. It will stay open as you run searches and navigate to other cabinets.

3. Once you’ve added all documents, press “Save As” (1), then profile the document (2 and 3).

4. This will create the project. After the save is complete, you can press close (below the number “1” in the picture above.

5. Next, we’re going to access the project: Locate the project any way you want; Favorites, Recent Projects, Direct Access, Search.

6. Once you’ve accessed the project, it will show you a project folder and the documents. See below, the first arrow points to the project name/location. The second points to sample documents.

7. Next, we want to bookmark the project. Start by clicking on “Bookmarks” at the top of the screen. Then click “+Add This List”. (Note there are other ways to create a bookmark)

8. Finally, bookmark the project by naming the bookmark and pressing “Save”. Make sure the “Pin to Button Bar” is checked so you can find it easily.

9. You will see the bookmark, if pinned to button bar, in this relative area.

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