Customizing the Microsoft Office Ribbon

There are several actions and commands that everyone uses a bit more than what’s standard within Microsoft Office. A lot of times, those actions/commands are hidden and tucked away in different tabs or not present at all. Luckily, Microsoft has made a way to be able to customize the Ribbon the way that you want it to be (to a limit). You can create a customized tab or add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar to hold all of your business critical items under one tab or in one section.

Create a Customized Tab

In our example, we’ll be using Microsoft Word. Luckily, the process will be very similar in other Microsoft Office applications. To customize the Ribbon, right-click anywhere in the blank area on the Ribbon and Select Customize the Ribbon.Customizing The Microsoft Office Ribbon - Customize

The Word Options screen will open to the Customize Ribbon option. From here, you are able to manage a lot of the customization options.

Customizing The Microsoft Office Ribbon - Keyboard ShortcutsWe want to create a new customized tab, so you will click on where it says New Tab on the lower right hand side.

Customizing The Microsoft Office Ribbon - New Tab

Now give it a name. You can name this to be whatever you would like.

Customizing The Microsoft Office Ribbon - Rename Tab

Now, you can drag and drop items to your custom tab or, you can click where it says Add once you have the command selected and it will move over to your new Custom Tab.

Customizing The Microsoft Office Ribbon - Add CommandsIf you cannot find the command that you need/want, no worries! You have the dropdown menu in the upper left hand side that you can show all commands. Every command that you can imagine will be under that selection.

Customizing The Microsoft Office Ribbon - Choose CommandsOnce you have your tab the way that you want it, you can hit Ok out of the options windows. And that is all there is to it…now you have your own customized tab with the commands you use most often to help you work more efficiently. In this example, we didn’t add a whole lot of commands, but you can customize it with as many as you need. You can also create other tabs with different sets of commands too. On the next blog entry, I will go over how to add items to the Quick Access Toolbar. Until then, happy customizing!

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