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Is your network truly safe from hackers, viruses and data erasing disasters? Get a cybersecurity assessment to find out.

Network and Security Audit OutlineAn Network & Security Audit from Accellis will provide invaluable insight into your IT infrastructure – which can be used to plan your future IT direction. At a minimum, you’ll receive key takeaways that result in immediate value for your firm.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will be able to:

  • Assess your organization’s vulnerability to cybersecurity attacks
  • Identify gaps in your organization’s security procedures
  • Prioritize security risks and potential defensive measures
  • Strengthen your firm’s preparedness for security breaches
  • Cybersecurity Assessment [PDF]

The information will be delivered into a final summary report that the organization can then use to assess their vulnerability to cybersecurity attacks. The Accellis Security Team will also provide recommendations and a series of next steps the organization may elect to pursue in an effort to close the security gaps. The entire review process including scans and probes will be non-invasive and at no time will there be any changes to the organization’s infrastructure.

“I am writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding work on the Security & Risk Assessment. Your expertise and attention to detail were tremendously valuable. You joined us at a very critical time as we were getting ready to be audited as part of a risk assessment ordered by one of our major suppliers. You were able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make quality recommendations to improve our network and security processes. The quality of your work was recognized and appreciated by other team members. Not only did you thoroughly review our systems and processes, but you were also able to assist with reviewing and improving our IT and IS policies. As a result of your work and recommendations, we passed our recent audit with flying colors.” – Anastasia S., TriCor Employment Screening, Ltd.

“On behalf of our firm, I want to extend our thanks and appreciation to Accellis’ tremendous efforts yesterday in responding to the virus/worm that infected our network and workstations.  I was out of the office when the virus hit but from what David, Jeff, Brian and others have reported, Accellis identified the nature and the scope of the issue even before we knew there was a widespread problem of any type.  Accellis responded immediately and in force to root out the problem and restore our systems to working order in just a few hours – if not for those efforts, even we could see that the virus had the potential to shut us down for a much, much longer period of time. As Jeff said, we’ve wondered what might happen in an IT crisis, whether because of a virus, cyberattack, disaster in the server room, or other issue.  Yesterday afternoon, we faced just such a scenario and Accellis more than proved it was up to the task.” – Jay C., Kaman & Cusimano, LLC


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