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How Cybersecurity Has Evolved?

In order to talk about how cybersecurity is evolving, we need to talk about how cyber attacks and hacking have evolved. Having just a perimeter firewall, antispam, and an antivirus program just isn’t enough now.  As time goes on, the degree of complexity of attacks and the needed expertise and time to remediate them is growing. 

  • Nearly 70% of small businesses have experienced some form of cyber attack 
  • In 2015 43% of cyber attacks targeted small business, in 2019 that number has increased to 58%  
  • Only 28% claim to have the necessary tools and expertise to mitigate cyber risks 
  • 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack 

We continue to see more frequent attacks on our clients and small organizations as a whole in our industry. Security events like phishing attempts with the objective to steal credentials have been on the rise and they continue to grow. 

To exacerbate the issue, most businesses aren’t adding modern cybersecurity components or developing a cybersecurity program to protect their data.

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In this blog series, we will be featuring our CORE Security solutions that will provide businesses with the necessary tools to combat the threats we face today. The technical expertise and the tools that Accellis can provide will help your business address the risk of these challenges.  Read Part 2, “Cybersecurity & Managed IT

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