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CORE Security Program

In this series we have discussed the evolution of Cybersecurity in Part 1 and in Part 2, we discussed why cybersecurity and Managed IT services can no longer be combined into one service due to the sophisticated and advanced threats businesses face today. How can a business truly protect their private and sensitive data? The graphics compare a traditional security framework and the Accellis CORE security framework

Traditional Security Framework
CORE Security Framework

To address these new threats and the gaps in security for our clients, our Cybersecurity team has developed the CORE Security Program (Cyber Operation Response & Engineering). CORE was developed to bring our clients up to an acceptable level of defense using defense in depth and by leveraging people, processes and technology. It is designed to provide the visibility we need to create an audit trail in the event of an attack. As part of this program, we will provide your business with the tools and expertise needed to respond and mitigate cybersecurity events.

Our CORE program consists of technologies and solutions such as:


Optionally, we also offer

  • vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) services:
  • Policy Review and Assistance
  • Cybersecurity Planning Meetings

In an earlier blog, we equated the CORE program to securing your home. This analogy helps understand why the patching and firewalls are no longer the only way to secure your network. Click Here to read it.

In the meantime, we encourage our clients to become more educated through training at identifying suspicious activity so that we can be made aware of a breach early. These incidents include:

  • Strange emails originating from your sent items in Outlook
  • Files or folders created on your computer that you didn’t create
  • Changed browser homepage
  • Pop-up windows that you don’t expect from your browser

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