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Strategies on how to scope a data conversion project

About the Webinar

Practice Management (PM) software continues to shift from local to cloud-based solutions. As an IT consultant in the legal industry, there are some critical questions we must ask the firm prior to the data conversion.

Because of the recent turbulence in the industry, we hosted a webinar to talk about some of the key steps and details of performing a data conversion from one PM software to another.

Have questions about which data will convert, which will not and pricing? Learn more about conversion from Amicus Small Firm Edition to Clio Cloud.

Four key learning points:

  1. How to selectively choose which data to convert and save on cost
  2. What to expect from an IT consulting company during a data conversion project
  3. Why some projects fall off track and how to prevent it
  4. What are the steps prior to finalizing the conversion scope


Presented by Accellis with speakers John H. Roth II, Software Consultant and Dan Mayor, Senior Software Developer

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