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Effective Strategies for Secure Legal Document Sharing Webinar with Accellis

Learn how you can use NetDocuments to share files securely.

Watch an on-demand presentation on how to share and collaborate on documents with clients securely and efficiently. Get ready to learn some powerful tips and approaches designed to safeguard your digital files and improve collaboration on legal documents with clients and opposing council.

During this webinar, we’ll dive into NetDocuments technology and how it enables you to share sensitive client documents without exposing them to theft via email. We’ll offer practical guidance and strategies for attorneys, legal professionals, law firm administrators, and users of NetDocuments looking to share their documents without exposing their sensitive client information.

During this webinar recording, you’ll learn:

  • Why security matters
  • Four essential parts and benefits of a cyber-security plan
  • Best practices for securing your digital files
  • Important steps for proper setup and configuration of a document management system
  • How to securely handle documents inside and outside your office
  • Critical elements of creating a training and usage policy for NetDocuments
  • Tips for preventing data loss and exposure

Who should I attend?

  • Attorneys and legal professionals
  • Law firm administrators
  • Users of NetDocuments and prospective clients

Presented by John Roth, Document Management Consultant at Accellis Technology Group and Mike Sanders, Senior Solutions Expert at NetDocuments.

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