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Windows XP End of Support2

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Are you still running Windows XP on your desktops in your organization?  The end of extended support for Windows XP is coming up quick. So what does this mean to you?On April 8, 2014, security patches and hot fixes for all versions of Windows XP will no longer be available. PC’s running Windows XP will be vulnerable to security threats. Furthermore, many third-party software providers are not planning to extend support to applications running on Windows XP, which translates to even more complexity, security risks, and ultimately, added costs for your IT department if you’re still managing Windows XP environments.

End of support is nothing short of a death sentence for XP. Make no mistake about it, XP is considered obsolete even today, despite the fact that it is still heavily used in both business and home environments. For those users that stick to Windows, the only viable alternative to XP for the time being is Windows 7. Even by the most optimistic estimates, Windows 8, the next major iteration of Windows, is approximately a year away.

If you’re running windows XP, contact your IT provider to learn more about your options for upgrading. Accellis Technology Group can also help guide you through this transitional period to insure that your systems are secure, functional, and up to date.

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