Most PCLaw users enter time in aggregate at the end of the day or week using the Time Sheet.  However, PCLaw created the Quick Timer for those who love using timers or prefer to enter a their time when a task is completed – without opening PCLaw or running multiple programs at the same time.

Using the Quick Timer

For most new installs, finding the Quick Timer maybe tricky. From your Start menu, navigate to the LexisNexis > PCLaw folder and select Quick Timer:

Accessing PCLaw Quick Timer

Better yet, for windows 7 users, right-click on that icon and pin it to your taskbar or send it to your desktop for easy access:

PCLaw Quick Timer Pin to Taskbar

Once Selected. The Quick Timer will appear in a new window:

PCLaw Quick Timer Screen

The quick timer will automatically start the timer when it has been launched.  As you can see, the quick timer contains all the necessary tools for creating an individual time entry.  Fill out the required information and either Save the time entry to create the WIP entry or Delay Post to send the item to your Timesheet for the day.

One of the cool features of the Quick Timer is the ease of launching and managing multiple timers at the same time.  Simply click New to open a new Quick Timer which will pause the previous one providing a new blank timer for any new task.  Feel free to open as many Quick Timers as your computer screen can fill up for managing your day.

Opening Multiple PCLaw Quick Timer Windows

Watch an on-demand demonstration of PCLaw here >>

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