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Five Office 365 Apps You Should Be Using

If you are a daily user of Microsoft Office 365, you probably know your way around Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. Here are five other apps Office 365 offers that are very beneficial, but not as well known.



Microsoft Flow allows users to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, syncronize files, collect data and more. Flow has dozens of premade templates, or you can build your own. Flow allows you to automate actions for yourself (like create tasks in various to do list apps from flagged emails in Outlook).


Microsoft Forms allows you to create surveys, quizzes, and polls and collect responses in real time. Forms will provide charts to visualize your data.​ You can send forms to anyone inside or outside your organization. Exporting to Excel lets you use the full power of Excel for customized, in-depth analysis.​Forms is lightweight app as far as cutomization. If you need specific custimization, forms may not be the right tool for you.


If you like creating graphics, newsletters, or presentations, then you will love Microsoft Sway. Similiar to Planner, Sway comes with several pre-built templates that you can customize as needed. Sway allows you to easily drop in photos, videos, and other multimedia — Sway is integrated with your device and the web.


Microsoft Planner allows you to take the chaos out of teamwork and get more done. Valuable advantages of Planner are:
  • Your team is able to create new plans
  • Organize and assign tasks
  • Share files
  • Chat
  • Get updates on progress

Each plan has its own board, where you can organize tasks into buckets. You can categorize tasks based on their status or on whom they’re assigned to. To update the status or change assignments, just drag and drop tasks between columns.



Microsoft To-Do helps you manage, prioritize, and complete the most important things you need to achieve every day. Create multiple lists to organize your to-dos. You can add notes, due dates, and steps within a to-do list. To-Do is integrated with your Outlook Tasks, making it easier to manage all your tasks in one place.

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