Data Conversions Aminus to Clio Cloud

Amicus Small Firm Edition to Clio Cloud

We can convert from:

Any Amicus Small Firm Edition from 2008 to 2016

These records convert:

  • Contacts (i.e. name, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Files (i.e. short file name, file type, matter ID, etc.)
  • Appointments (i.e. title, date, file name, etc.)
  • Tasks (i.e. title, file name, notes, etc.)
  • Custom pages – requires custom scope

Please click below for a comprehensive list of what does and what does not convert in Small Firm Edition:

Amicus Premium Edition to Clio Cloud

We can convert from:

Any Amicus Premium Edition from 2008 to 2016

Since the Premium Edition of Amicus is setup to be a customized solution, please contact us for a consultation on the data conversion scope into Clio. In general, we are able to convert ALL information from Amicus Premium Edition into Clio Cloud.

Our Conversion Process

At Accellis, we help firms scope the conversion process prior to the actual data conversion. Instead of transferring every piece of data from your old system into the new one, as a service, we will help you identify a set of essential information specific to your firm, which results in cost reduction and a more streamlined database.

Discover our scoping process below:

Pricing Information

Small Firm Edition:

Starts at $1,500*

Premium Edition:

Starts at $3,000*

*This is the price for a basic conversion. Advanced conversions require a custom scope which our team provides for free. Contact us to get started!

Note: Accellis Technology Group is an independent solutions provider. We are certified in Amicus/Abacus, Clio, Time Matters, ActionStep and numerous other legal products. We are able to convert data from any system to any system. This page specifically addresses Amicus conversions to Clio.

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