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Network Security Quiz

In 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigations organized meetings with top law firms in the US to highlight the computer security threats and the very real risk of cyber-crimes against their firms. While many of the top law firms have made strides to better protect their data, many small to mid-sized firms still do not fully understand the risks and implications of failing to adequately protect their rich repositories of personal information and intellectual property.

This interactive quiz is designed to provide you with a high-level assessment of your firm’s security capabilities. Find out how prepared your firm is against a security breach and identify possible areas of weaknesses. The legal industry is constantly evolving – is your firm is prepared?

Discover if your network is protected against the threat of cyber-crimes. Areas covered include personally identifiable information (PII), internet and email security, employee training, firm policies, mobile devices, and more.
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Please note that this opinion does not replace a full Security Audit and Threat Assessment and only represents a high-level overview of your security capabilities based only your survey responses. It does not represent any guarantee of security or commit any official opinion regarding the full state of your IT environment. Only a thorough, hands-on technical assessment could accomplish that goal. Learn more about our Security and Compliance capabilities here.

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