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How To Spot A Phishing Email Webinar

We recently hosted How To Spot A Phishing webinar with Accellis Director of Cybersecurity, Tom Fazio. In this webinar, Tom discusses what a phishing email is, how hackers get your email, email subject lines to look out for, the difference between phishing and spear-phsihing, and much more. Listed below is a topic timeline.

0:000:43 – Tom Fazio Background

0:444:04 – What is Phishing? How hackers get your email?

4:055:59 – Top subjects targeted in your company and why

6:017:59 – What is spear phishing? Difference between spear phishing and phishing attacks

8:0110:24 – Common spear-phishing email subjects and goals and strategies

10:2511:26 – Easy ways to spot phishing emails with example

11:2614:58 – Phishing Psychology, how hackers play on emotions to be successful

14:5920:49 – How hackers use FEAR when targeting. 3 email examples

20:5029:02 – How hackers use CURIOSITY when targeting. 4 email examples

29:0533:20 – How hackers use URGENCY when targeting. 3 email examples

33:2138:39 – What can you do to combat these attacks? 4 key points

38:40-END – Q&A

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