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Introducing Accellis Tech Talk

We are excited to announce our new webinar series, Accellis Tech Talk! This monthly webinar will address common tech issues that you encounter throughout your workday. We want to give attendees a say in what topics we cover.  Attendees can vote on topics or add topics not listed. Click here to vote.

Accellis Tech Talk will be fun, informative, relevant, and to the point. Topics such as handling SPAM, changing email signatures, converting PDF’s or any other work stopping annoyance. And we’ll cover it all in less than 30 minutes!

If you need a refresher or unable to attend the webinars live, all recordings will be organized and easily accessible on our website. The goal of Accellis Tech Talk is to have a full library of solutions to help professionals tackle the most common tech issues.

Our next webinar is scheduled for April 18th, at 11:30 am (eastern standard time) and will be titled ‘Why Is My Computer So SLOW?! We will address easy fixes to a slow computer and when is the right time to reboot!

Topics will include:

  • Easy fixes to a slow computer
  • When is the right time to reboot!
  • Disk cleanup

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