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It’s not the first time, and it’s certainly not the last time that you’ll hear our staff talk about the importance of creating a strong password. But how many of you have actually followed this advice and developed a solid password? Not all users seem to be on the strong password train since some of the most popular passwords still are “123456”, “password”, “111111”, and even “starwars”.

In honor of World Password Day on May 3rd, we’ve gathered some tips from our staff on how to ensure you have the strongest password possible.

Tips from the Pros

  1. Use a password manager, such as LastPass, to securely store your passwords and retrieve them with ease. (Most modern password managers will even help you generate unique and secure passwords to increase your security.) – Brian G., Director of Technology
  2. It may be difficult but use multifactor authentication whenever possible. A couple seconds more to enter a second code could save your data, finances, and reputation! – Joe M., President
  3. Use a website to test if your password is secure enough. – Jason S., Remote Support Manager
  4. Don’t associate your password with anything related to any names or location in your personal life. That way it’s harder for a hacker to gain access.  – Chris A., Service Manager
  5. Try choosing an object on your desk and use it in some way to create your password. Maybe you see your phone and think “call mom”. Then your password could be “CallMomEveryDay!!1234” and the phone on your desk can help you remember. Or maybe you see your coffee and think “IGetGreenTeaAtStarbucks!” – John R., Consultant
  6. Create passwords from the first letter of a sentence or song verse. This will allow you to create a long password with complex characters like 2 for too and punctuation. Here is an example of a great password! can become Hiaeoagr8pw! – Brad M., Remote Support Engineer
  7. Use different passwords for different sites. If someone gains access to one site, they could gain access to them all. – Lindsey R., Procurement Coordinator
  8. Use characters to replace letters ex: *Th1$is@n3x@mp!e* – Drew H., Remote Support Engineer


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