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With extensive knowledge of regulations for law firms of all sizes, Accellis offers comprehensive IT audit services to help ensure your network, documentation, and business procedures are aligned with your business objectives.

Performing a Network Technology Audit is a proactive way to manage your firm’s computer network. Accellis will evaluate your servers, computers, firewall, printers, software, backups, anti-virus, security systems and more. This audit will provide invaluable insight into your IT infrastructure – which can be used to plan your future IT direction, make changes to improve security, performance, help minimize risk, and to create new efficiencies. At a minimum, you’ll receive key takeaways that result in immediate and measurable business value for your firm.

A Network Technology Audit from Accellis will give you a thorough review of all IT Infrastructure assets and security procedures, including:

  • Network Hardware & Equipment Analysis

We will monitor your Servers, PC’s, Switches, Routers, Printers and Phones. We will also collect Serial Numbers, Model Numbers, Warranty information, and Software Licenses. Additionally, we will evaluate the status of patches and updates, identify improper web usage (e.g. streaming music), and compile aggregate statistics including CPU, Memory, and Disk Space Utilization.

  • Security Evaluation

We will evaluate all hardware and software security assets, including definitions updates and scans. We are looking for uniformity, centralized control, and other key areas that improve security, minimize impact on the end-user, and lock down the environment, both internally and externally. For this portion of the Audit, Accellis will evaluate your Anti-virus software, Malware/Spyware, Spam Filter, Firewalls and Content Filtering systems.

  • Backup and Data Retention Policy Review

We will evaluate how backups are being handled and identify any applicable hardware, software, policies, or procedures that could improve data retention, data security, and cost-effectiveness. As part of the Backup and Data Retention Review, Accellis will review your backup tapes, schemes, and policies.

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