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Billing MattersBack in 2009, LexisNexis announced that it would “sunset,” or discontinue support for, its Billing Matters software by the end of 2013. Effective immediately, that’s no longer the case. In response to repeated customer requests and after careful consideration, LexisNexis has decided to reverse their previously announced decision to sunset Billing Matters.

So why the change of course?  Billing Matters was always a great billing program. Since it was first developed, people liked it because it was easy to use, employed a ‘shared’ database with Time Matters (no synching required) and was built on a solid platform that provided the type of robust billing functionality law firms needed most. It also delivered a solid QuickBooks link for firms looking to keep their existing accounting system while improving their billing capabilities.

But the accounting portion of Billing Matters was released very near the same time that Lexis decided to acquire PCLaw.  With development focused on PCLaw for the last several years, the Billing Matters accounting solution had difficulty ‘keeping up’ with the needs of the legal accounting community.

Luckily, Lexis has decided to keep the Billing Matters solution alive.  To do this, they plan to shed the application’s accounting functionality (as of December 31, 2013) and focus development on the already proven billing portions of the product that clients love the most. Use of Billing Matters can now be accomplished through 2 means:

  1. Use Billing Matters and link it with a 3rd-party accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks)
  2. Use PCLaw for both billing & accounting through LexisNexis

What does all of this mean? We think it means more options and more flexibility – a good thing for the end consumer.  To find out how Billing Matters can make a difference for your firm, check the list of  frequently asked questions, or contact Accellis Technology Group at 216-662-3200 or

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