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Managed Service Overspending

Managed Service is a hot topic in the IT world. The managed service provider assumes all ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and problem resolution for the IT systems within a firm. Not all firms have an IT expert on staff. So, by working with a managed service provider, firms can be given the peace of mind that all IT problems are appropriately handled.

Choosing a service provider can help increase productivity but, choose the wrong one and a firm could end up losing you time and money. Finding the perfect partnership is crucial.

The budget plays a big factor in finding this partnership. Finding a provider that meets all your firm’s checkboxes (and within the set budget) is easier said than done. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some firms are overspending on certain managed services.

Here are our top 6 managed service areas your firm is overspending on:

  1. Licensing
  2. Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  3. Storage
  4. Desktops
  5. Antivirus
  6. “Hosted Exchange” or Office 365

I’m sure you’re thinking “wait my firm uses some, if not all, of these services! How do I know that we’re not spending more than we need to?”

Accellis has taken a deeper look at these areas to help you better spend your IT budget.


Traditional original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Windows software can be a big drain on your firm’s budget without you even realizing it. OEM Windows software cannot transfer as users move devices. This means every time an employee moves computers; you are forced to buy new software. Buying Open Volume License allows firms to buy in volume and transfer software as employees get new devices. In the long run, Open License will save you money over traditional OEM software.

Azure and AWS

Azure and AWS are both cloud computing services that allow for the on-demand delivery of computing power, database storage, application, and other IT resources through a cloud service platform via the internet. These services use a pay as you go system, similar to utilities. Thus, when you’re not using these services after leaving the office, it is important to make sure devices are turned off.

It’s similar to when you leave the house and make sure you turn off the lights. There’s no reason to pay for electricity when you’re not home, so you make sure electricity is off. The same concept can apply to services such as Azure and AWS. To avoid paying for times when there is zero activity, make sure things are powered down.


Storage is a big expense for firms as employees are saving thousands, if not millions, of documents. Having high storage limits on each employees device can quickly add up. Instead of individualized storage on desktops and laptops, firms can centralize storage by using the Terminal server. Another option to save is to utilize cloud-based storage solutions such as OneDrive which keeps documents in an easily accessible location.


Terminal servers are very common in firms as it allows terminals (PCs, printers, and other devices) to have a common connection point to a local or wide area work. Having a terminal server at your firm can eliminate the need to purchase a desktop.

Firms can switch to thin clients which are cheap to buy and easy to install, yet still, allow access to the terminal server. Thin clients also allow for remote management and automated security. Since thin clients use less power than desktops, there is no need for a fan to keep the device cool. Lack of fans means that they last longer than desktops, which saves money in the long run. If your firm works on the Terminal Server or Citrix, then look at switching from desktops to thin clients to save costs.


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for service providers to markup software that they are reselling. Often antivirus is sold to firms with a markup fee and some features aren’t even enabled. This means that your firm is paying a premium but not receiving benefits such as monitoring and updates. Your firm should not be paying more than $2 per device per month. When purchasing you’re paying monthly, it’s important to look at exactly what’s included and how much you’re paying per device. Markups vary, thus it’s important to ensure that you find a reseller that keeps markups to a minimum

“Hosted Exchange” or Office 365

As discussed earlier, service provider markups are quite common. A common target is Office 365 licensing. That’s not fair to firms as they are stuck saddling the inflated prices. Accellis has made it easy to make sure firms don’t fall victim to this. We’ve compiled an easy to use comparison guide that lays all the 365 plans on the table. This way, you find the plan that’s best for your firm without paying the high markups.

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