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Taking the Quantum Leap to Microsoft 365

When businesses are evaluating the bottom line amid the COVID-19 crisis now more than ever, they need technology solutions that make them more efficient. The Microsoft 365 platform does what you’re doing today more efficiently and more cost-effective while allowing businesses to utilize features and solutions that historically have been relegated to Fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft 365 is to Exchange as Exchange is to AOL Mail. Each upgrade is a quantum leap. Microsoft 365 is not just a variant of Hosted Exchange. M365 is an entire business productivity and collaboration platform that will revolutionize your workplace.
-Michael O’Neill

Most businesses have had to adapt to a remote workforce. Gone are the days when employees did all their work from one computer in their office. New technology means today’s workers can collaborate at any time from anywhere, whether it’s across the hall or the country. M365 offers email and your documents in the cloud.  Office apps like Word/Excel/PowerPoint can be accessed through any web browser.

Get the Most Out of Microsoft 365


Simplified Team Work and
Seamless Collaboration

Moving to Microsoft 365 allows teams to collaborate more efficiently. Here’s a quick overview of what your business can do with M365:

  • Synchronize email, calendars, and contacts via Outlook and Outlook Web Apps; this makes it easy to find contacts, look for meeting times, and schedule meetings without leaving your Outlook interface
  • Create document libraries and tasks to manage projects and improve collaboration
  • Set up online meetings using Microsoft Teams that have full web conferencing features, including audio, video, sharing, and presentations

Simple email management via Microsoft Outlook

Email made easier because it’s all managed in one place. Here a few of the many features.

  • Send, receive, and manage all your email messages and folders.
    • Create new folders to keep track of your messages by project, person, or task
    • Use the ribbon to act quickly on your messages and folders or set options
  • Integrated Calendar
    • Manage your calendar and create appointments and schedule online Teams meetings
    • Check your appointments, switch views, and create sub-calendars
    • Create, delete, and change appointments
  • Contact Management
    • Add contacts and check availability
    • Create a Contact group
    • Check your contacts’ availability, get more contact information and start conversations or meetings

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Email and calendar, together in one place!

Send, receive, and manage your email. Use Outlook’s built-in calendar to keep track of appointments and events.

SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

  • SharePoint has often been used by large corporations that need intranets and document management systems but it can be just as useful for smaller businesses and smaller work teams
  • A simple SharePoint site for managing your team or projects doesn’t have to involve a lot of work; Microsoft 365 provides built-in guidance to help you add task lists, calendars, document libraries, and other features
  • Organizations can set up a workspace in no time; personalize these sites to reflect a company’s branding, and even create public sites to share info with customers or partners
  • Co-author documents in real time with coworkers and staff including chat

OneDrive Personal Cloud Storage

OneDrive offers users a simple way to store, sync, and share various types of files, with other people and devices on the internet with untethered mobile capability, anywhere access, seamless collaboration, syncing, and sharing options.

  • Review and edit documents that are shared with you and co-author in real time
  • Sync libraries to your computer
  • Send emails to people you’re sharing a document with
  • Automatically backup Desktop, Documents, and Pictures on your PC

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Microsoft Teams Conferencing

Video Conferencing with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enable workplaces of any size to share, meet, and work on files together in real-time through either a desktop app, web-based app, or mobile app.

  • Users can host conferences with up to 250 attendees (or 10,000 with Live Events)
  • A host and their clients can call into a conference using a computer, mobile or landline
  • All Teams plans offer audio conferencing, video conferencing, and desktop screen sharing including extensible control
  • Stay secure with a variety of privacy and security controls to allow you to manage who participates in your meetings and who has access to meeting information

Other Advantages of Microsoft 365

Stay up and running, no matter what happens

If your local Exchange crashes, you’re out of luck until it is fixed. Sending your data to the cloud means your applications, such as email, are always almost available, even if there’s a power outage, fire, or flood at your office.

No more licensing upgrades.

Once you’re on M365 you never need to upgrade the software (or any of the servers Microsoft hosts it on) again! When you login, you’re already on the latest version.

No VPN required

Working remotely has never been easier.  Microsoft 365 makes it easy to connect from anywhere. No need for any special configuration or IT skills. If you have an internet connection, you can work!

Data security and control

Put simply, M365 is more secure than your local Exchange server or Hosted Exchange.

Features to Grow Into

M365 is an entire ecosystem. With add-ons spanning mobile device management, mobile application management, data loss prevention, Office Message Encryption, Auto Pilot, and more, you can grow your technical sophistication and security in an almost unlimited capacity.

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