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Microsoft OneDrive Overview Webinar

We recently hosted a Microsoft OneDrive Overview webinar with Accellis Senior Software Consultant, John Roth II. In this webinar, John covers many of the amazing features that OneDrive offers end-users such as untethered mobile capability, anywhere access, seamless collaboration, syncing and sharing options. John also covers the similarities and differences of OneDrive and SharePoint Online. Listed below is a topic timeline.

0:001:10 – Webinar Overview

1:112:38 – What is Microsoft OneDrive?

2:394:40 – What is Microsoft SharePoint Online. Similarities to OneDrive?

4:417:14 – OneDrive’s Anywhere Access to documents

7:1512:00 – OneDrive’s Seamless Collaboration. Editing documents with team members in real-time. Document automation.

12:0114:31 – OneDrive’s Mobile app and features. Share files on the go, save receipts, business cards for safekeeping.

14:3216:00 – OneDrive security features and settings. Document View, Edit, and Full Control options. Recycle Bin

16:0116:38 – OneDrive & SharePoint Differences overview

16:3918:22 – Core Purpose of OneDrive compared to SharePoint. Storing/Sharing Documents

18:2320:29 – OneDrive Storage compared to SharePoint Intranet and Websites

20:3022:13 – OneDrive Live Demo Features overview

22:1423:00 – Where OneDrive and SharePoint live on your computer

23:0223:52 – OneDrive icon for links to the cloud and icon for folders/docs stored on your device

23:5325:30 – OneDrive right-click options. Free up space on your computer by Sending docs to the cloud or storing to your device

25:3228:22 – OneDrive sharing options. Share a document to email with a link. Editing options.

28:2329:05 – Right-click option to view the OneDrive web app.

29:0629:49 OneDrive web app features

29:5030:11 – OneDrive search functions

30:1230:55 – OneDrive Shared With Me and Popular Around Me features

30:562:25 – OneDrive Autosave feature

32:2638:29 – SharePoint website demo, SharePoint Document library demo

38:3046:57 – Q&A

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