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Microsoft Outlook Timesaving Tips Series

Are you like me and spend all day in Microsoft Outlook, but know you are NOT using it to its full potential? I recently had a meeting with a co-worker, and he showed me his Outlook inbox. I immediately said to him, “Teach me how to get my inbox to look like yours!” If you are looking for  Outlook tips, shortcuts, search functions, and organization features, our Outlook Timesaving Tips series is just what you need! 

Having a full inbox doesn’t mean you are busy, just like having a lot of papers on your desk translates to being organized. If you use my methods of keeping your Outlook inbox organized, I guarantee you find the daily efficiency you are looking for. -John Roth

Get the Most Out of Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Timesaving Tips Part-1

This webinar focuses on:

  • Editing Your Signature
  • Setting an Out of Office/Away Message
  • Creating Folders
  • Using the Outlook Search OWA Outlook Web App
  • Focused Inbox
  • Using Conversation Mode Views Tab
  • Dark Mode Autocomplete…and MORE!

0:002:30 – How to check your email storage space
2:315:23 – Turning on and using Conversation Mode to condense emails
5:246:56 – Using Focused Inbox to separate important emails from non-urgent emails
6:578:45 – 2-Year Online Archive Inbox
8:4612:14 – Using Gray/Black Mode for easier viewing
12:1516:00 – R.A.F.T Read, Action, File Trash process. Using Flags, and proper way to delete emails
23:2326:30 – Setting your Away/Out Of Office email.

17:3023:22 – Setting or changing your email signature
26:3129:36 – How to properly add folders
29:3732:00 – When and why you use Offline Mode.
32:0135:41 – Why you should favorite your Outbox and using the Delay Delivery feature
35:4238:00 – Using OWA (Outlook Web App) if you need to login to Outlook on the Web
38:5740:20 – Using the Touch/Mouse Mode for touch screens
40:2145:30 – Managing your Ad-Ins

Outlook Timesaving Tips Part-2

This webinar focuses on:

  • Creating Rules Using Encrypted Email (Barracuda)
  • Calendar Tips & Using Sub Calendars
  • Setting Up Quick Steps
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Using Search Folders

0:002:22 – Intro to topics.
2:237:26 – Creating rules to organize your inbox
7:2711:30 – Calendar tips and using sub-calendars
11:3117:04 – Setting up and using Quicks Steps

17:0520:49 – Customizing your Ribbon to reduce clutter
20:5025:05 – Creating Search Folders for finding emails quickly
24:0627:55 – Sending an encrypted email using Barracuda
27:5631:00 – Quick topic recap
31:01-End – Showing Accellis Tech Talk Replay page and The Accellis Blog page

4  Main Takeaways of our Microsoft Outlook Series

Turn on Conversation Mode

Instead of searching for all of the messages belonging to a conversation in multiple folders such as your Inbox, archive, and Sent Mail folders, with the click of a button, you can group messages that belong to the same conversation. For more details, watch Part-1 at the 2:31 mark.

Changing your email signature and set your Out Of Office replies

We polled the Accellis engineer staff on the most common Outlook support tickets submitted. Changing an email signature and setting our of office replies were at the top of the list. At the 17:30 mark in Part-1 of our series, we address these common questions and show you how to access these features quickly.

Create Rules to organize your inbox

Rules are a way to automate actions in Outlook that you would typically have to do manually. Rules are actions that are taken if a message meets predetermined criteria. If you receive a lot of invoices from various vendors or contacts, let Outlook handle the sorting process by creating a rule to send those emails to their designated folders automatically. Learn how to set up Rules in Part-2 at the 2:23 mark.

Calendar tips and using Sub-calendars

One sure-fire way to keep you organized and focused is using Outlook calendar tips. From scheduling “no meeting” time blocks to integrating mobile, so you never miss a meeting—the art of calendar optimization is crucial. Using sub-calendars can help organize specific topics like deadlines, appointments, and meetings, all color-coded for easy recognition. Learn about calendar tips in Part-2 at the 7:27 mark.

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