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Microsoft releases new sharepoint online features

Microsoft Releases New SharePoint Online Features

In case you missed the  announcement from Microsoft earlier this month, the tech giant has released new SharePoint Online features, including a Site Swap Capability, along with new SharePoint and OneDrive features for end-users.

Site Swap Capability:

The Site Swap capability is for IT pros maintaining SharePoint Online tenancies. The announcement from Microsoft included an interview with Wayne Ewington, a program manager on OneDrive and SharePoint team. According to Ewington, Site Swap “swaps” out an organization’s SharePoint Online root site through a PowerShell capability for SharePoint Online users. The swap gets executed using the Invoke-SPOSiteSwap commandlet.

If organizations are switching to “modern” SPO (SharePoint Online) pages, it will archive the older swapped pages as part of the process. Since “modern” pages are based on using the SharePoint Framework, the process involves a developer switch to client-side application development using lightweight Web developer tools.  Modern pages also follow a more flattened intranet structure, with the relatively new Hub Sites page located at the top of the organizational hierarchy. (

Ewington explains

The Site Swap provides a safe and supported mechanism for replacing the root site with another site.

New End-User Features:

“Popular Around Me” feature through OneDrive,  shows the files that were shared with a particular user.

Users can now share individual slides in PowerPoint Online presentations, through a pop-up menu generated by right-clicking on a slide’s thumbnail image.

SharePoint Online site owners can now associate a Team Site or Communication Site with a Hub Site. Such actions no longer require having administrator privileges.

Microsoft announced the ability for end users to elicit comments regarding non-Office files that get encountered using OneDrive and OneDrive on the Web. For instance, users can comment on graphics files .JPG .PNG or PDF document files using OneDrive on the Web.

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