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Think of a program you use every day to write documents on your computer. If your answer is notepad we would love to hear your meditation techniques! In all seriousness, you probably immediately thought of Microsoft Word or Outlook.

Most people are familiar with the default spellchecker incorporated within MS Word/Outlook but did you know that there are plenty of other grammatical checks it can run? Microsoft has numerous options that can help you produce better papers. Some additional checks include:

  • Sentence Structure
  • Contractions
  • Passive Voice
  • Unclear Phrasing
  • Slang / Informal Language

Changing Your Settings

With a multitude of different MS Word/Excel versions, the route to hit these settings will be general in nature but should pertain to most users with Office 2013 and higher!


File > Options > Proofing > Writing Style Settings

Windows Grammar Settings


Preferences > Spelling & Grammar > Writing Style SettingsMac Grammar Settings

In this style panel, you now have the option to choose the grammar settings that matter most to you as a writer. Whether it be focusing on passive voice or contractions, there are plenty of options to help improve your writing.

Now get out there and write like a pro!

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